Style Tips: 6 saree hacks every woman should know

Aug 12, 2022 07:10 PM IST

Check out the 6 saree hacks that every woman should know to look elegant and stylish in any saree.

Saree is the most elegant and beautiful piece of apparel that every woman owns. But if you've never worn a saree before, your goal of appearing chic in six yards of gorgeous fabric may quickly fall apart. There is a lot that goes into looking perfectly balanced in a saree, from maintaining the pallu to making sure the pleats don't fall. However, there are a few tricks you can follow to appear stunning and wear a saree without any hassle. (Also read: Style tips: 7 ways to drape your sari and stand out from the crowd )

Style Tips: 6 saree hacks every woman should know(Unsplash)
Style Tips: 6 saree hacks every woman should know(Unsplash)

1. Wear your footwear before draping a saree

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Put on your shoes before you drape your saree, to ensure that it is of the proper length. Majority of the ladies prefer to wear high heels, so get them ready in advance. The length of the saree will rely on the height of your heels.

2. Wear a shapewear petticoat

Petticoats can make a saree appear bulkier, whereas shapewear enhances your body, holds the saree in place, makes you look in shape. It is also incredibly simple to wear and carry because of its skirt-like form. Just drape your saree over it and flaunt your new curvy figure.

3. Pre-pleat the saree before draping it

You can pleat a saree the night before and spread it out to establish the pleats rather than doing it after draping the saree around your body. During special events, pleating and folding a saree can enable you to drape it fast and efficiently while still maintaining a flawless appearance.

4. Use coloured pins

Saree pins can improve the overall look of the saree in addition to serving as a practical accessory to hold the pallu in place. Coloured pins are a fantastic method to camouflage any pinning. Additionally, use high-quality pins only, as cheap ones can harm the fabric. Double-lock pins are the ideal companion to sarees.

5. Choose the right fabric

The fabric, whether it be a saree, dupatta, or scarf, is the only element that has the power to make or destroy an outfit. Make sure you pick the appropriate fabric if you want to appear poised and sophisticated. Choose a fabric that highlights your curves and suits your body shape. Silks, cotton, and chiffon are materials that are light and flatter all body types.

6. Pin up the pleats

Pleats are a significant component of a saree. Your pleats should be firmly in place and should not budge. And one of the simplest ways to do this is to use safety pins to hold the pleats in place. Two pins, one on top and one in the center, should be used to secure the pleats. In this method, the possibility of pleats unfolding is less and the pin in the middle ensures that they are arranged nicely.

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