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Essential tips to keep your kids healthy and happy during the monsoon season

Jun 25, 2023 02:20 PM IST

Get ready for a joyful and healthy monsoon season with your kids! Discover essential tips to ensure their happiness and well-being during rainy days.

As the monsoon season approaches, it's essential to ensure that your kids are well-prepared to stay safe and enjoy the rainy days ahead. The monsoon brings its share of delights and challenges including a lot of health issues, especially for children. The incidence of fever, respiratory infections, fungal infections, and abdominal infections increases. Equipping your children with the necessary knowledge and tools can make a significant difference. From rain gear and hygiene practices to indoor activities and safety precautions, there are numerous ways to ensure your little ones have a joyful and secure monsoon experience.

From heavy rainfall to increased humidity and potential health risks, the monsoon requires some extra attention when it comes to your little ones. (Freepik )
From heavy rainfall to increased humidity and potential health risks, the monsoon requires some extra attention when it comes to your little ones. (Freepik )

Let's explore some simple yet effective tips to help you prepare your kids for the upcoming monsoon season, making it a time filled with memorable moments and cosy indoor adventures. (Also read: Ensuring a healthy monsoon for the infants: Tips to keep your baby safe in the rainy season )

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Tips to prepare your kids for the incoming monsoon

Dr Paula Goel, Pediatrician and Adolescent specialist, Fayth Clinic, shared with HT Lifestyle, some essential tips to prepare your kids for the incoming monsoon.

  • Make sure your child's vaccinations are up to date according to their age, including the annual administration of the influenza vaccine.
  • Promote a nutritious and well-balanced diet for your child, avoiding fried food, fast food, roadside food, as well as raw and uncooked food.
  • Make sure your kids drink purified potable water or boiled water during the monsoon season
  • Keep your environment clean to avoid the breeding of mosquitoes to prevent the spreading of malaria, dengue and other diseases
  • Wet clothes and shoes must be dried outdoors, to prevent fungal infections
  • Make sure your kids wash their hands well before meals
  • Maintain physical activity, even though it may be indoor physical activities like skipping, hopping, table tennis etc.
  • Use the right clothes. Avoid using clothes that retain moisture
  • Apply talcum powder on the body
  • Use raincoats, umbrellas and gum boots
  • Include basil, cinnamon, lemon, ginger and other spices in the diet. The reason is, these contain a lot of important nutrients that help in preventing fever or bringing down the temperature.
  • If your child is prone to allergies, keep a check on walls, carpets, and curtains for infection-causing germ growth.
  • Avoid close contact with sick people, especially the body fluids. If someone at home is sick, clean contaminated places and objects frequently to reduce the spread of the infection-causing germs.
  • Engage your children in various activities to keep them mentally stimulated, encourage their participation in hobbies they enjoy, and utilize quality time together to foster a strong bond and connection.
  • Avoid cut vegetables and fruits
  • Ask children to stay away from dirty water
  • Use Long sleeved clothing and full-length pants are a great option whenever your child is going out.
  • Use a mosquito net, if required.
  • Ask your children to wash their feet properly with lukewarm water after coming from outside. Avoid wearing plastic, canvas or leather shoes. Wear casual sandals or a slip-on. Apply anti-fungal powder to avoid infections if they have to wear shoes.

Developing habits for the monsoon from early childhood is crucial to ensure their continuation throughout the teenage years.

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