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From health-conscious treats to gourmet sweets: Dessert trends forecast for 2023

Feb 07, 2023 10:57 AM IST

From classic sweets to new and innovative creations, the dessert world is constantly changing and adapting to the latest food trends. Let's explore the latest dessert trends and take a sweet journey through the world of desserts.

Indulging in desserts is a guilty pleasure that we all enjoy. But, have you noticed how dessert trends have evolved over time? Desserts are an essential part of our meals, providing a sweet finish to our meals and satisfying our sweet cravings. They have come a long way from the classic sweets of the past and are now more diverse, innovative, and reflective of the latest food trends. From nostalgic to never seen before, from guilt-free to indulgent, 2022 has taught us that dessert trends are ever-changing. Leaving behind the lockdown banana bread, the dessert charcuterie boards and the baked oatmeal, 2023 is to see a significant shift in the sweet space. (Also read: Top 3 bakery trends to watch out for in 2023 )

Leaving behind the lockdown banana bread, the dessert charcuterie boards and the baked oatmeal, 2023 is to see a significant shift in the sweet space. (Pexels)

Talking to HT Lifestyle, Elisha Parikh, Baker and Entrepreneur, suggested dessert forecasts for the year ahead.

1. Supreme croissants

Made famous by the Lafayette bakery in New York, these circular rounds of flakey, crunchy, buttery goodness have taken the world by storm. They've reached almost every corner of the world, from London to Korea and now to Mumbai. Croissants usually require days of lamination, proofing, and assembly, but once the dough is perfected, they can really be manipulated in any way, shape or form! We can expect to see these croissants becoming a staple in almost every bakery, with fillings ranging from innovative flavours like matcha and gianduia.

2. Gourmet doughnuts

The Donutelier in London has popularized a 2022 favourite. In 2022, we saw bakers experimenting with filled donuts and beignets, but this year, we can see these being taken up a notch This London bakery has taken a humble classic into a decadent dessert, with toppings of choux pastry and diplomat cream, and flavours such as Chocolate pretzels and Pink Royal.

We can expect to see this trend being replaced by bakers across the globe, putting a spin on this classic deep-fried delight, making the most of innovative flavours and techniques

3. Dairy replacements

With an increase in preferences to avoid dairy and shift to alternatives, it’s no surprise that the same will be reflected in the trends of 2023. Simple switches to dairy-free opinions, such as oat or almond milk, will increase in popularity, especially since these alternatives are actually so much easier to make at home than you think!

While plant-based milk has an obvious health benefit, they also often just as good- or even better- than its counterparts. For example, oat milk has a certain richness and creaminess that makes it ideal for mousses.

As social media is ever-changing and new trends peep in and out, the adaptations and tweaks to already-established desserts will truly determine the adaptability of home bakers and professionals alike to this ever-changing market!

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