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Soak, ponder, write: Nature inspires writing

Immersive experiences of a journey sometimes translate into beautiful tales that not only capture authentic memories but also jolt others to experience and explore
PUBLISHED ON AUG 02, 2021 01:20 PM IST
When a travel experience inspires the writer within you, a travelogue could be a great way to express yourself

A travel writer merges times and spaces, imaginaries and private memories. For an author, the tourism experience stems from the tripartite relationship between them, their work, and the places they visit. This enriches their experience and in turn the reception of their work by a reader. Writing has the power to convey an imagery of places, and when shared, to become part of the collective memory, a testimony to the past, both for the traveller and the reader. An exciting, rewarding, and adventurous experience, some places are so unique and magical that they inspire the writer in all.

“From savants to hermits to cinematographers in tinsel town, nature is the first love of every creative person on planet Earth. And, being a keen observer, a writer always discovers his muse in nature -- in the shades of seasons, ripples of water, surreal sunset, blue moon, and whatnot. They urge a writer to decode their feelings in uncanny words and unforgettable stories,” says Shivaji Choudhary, Travel writer and influencer.

Writers usually establish a singular relationship with a place, it’s environment and its inhabitants; their writings become a testimony to it, their literature contributes to qualifying a region by a real geography and people.

“Picturesque places may be a landscape of beauty; it may also be a place full of people. They may be simply going about their everyday lives but the beauty of humanity is reflected in their faces. This can be just as powerful as the arch of mountains and the sweep of seas. The contemplation of something that visually inspires leads to reflection on what matters within the experience of the beholder’s life,” says Tim Young.

Documenting one’s feelings, stories and thoughts while travelling is also a great way to share that experience with the world

Describing his experience, Mohit Goyal, a travel writer, says, “I got inspiration for my first novel while lazing at a charming countryside resort. My emotions were mixed for the brewing storyline and nervousness enveloped me before taking the plunge. The evening sky was a mélange of blue and orange, before the disappearing sun gave way to a black night. Suddenly, the pleasant buzz of fireflies and night insects engulfed the scene.”

He adds, “I realized there is this thing about nature; it always wears the colours of the spirit. It felt right to pen the story around traveling itself there and then. I hope to weave it into a series.”

They say inspiration can come from anywhere, and that’s true. It’s just that some places get the creative juices flowing better than others. Once amid nature, the vision is elevated beyond the ordinary and one is encouraged to turn inwards to connect with your own creativity. Young sums up, “The words start to flow for the writer, the outlines and colours appear for the artist, and the sounds begin to be heard for the musician, that is nature.”

Kerala backwaters is a network of scenic water bodies bordered by paddy fields and coconut trees


For Sudanshu Rai, writer, storyteller and filmmaker, it is God’s own country, Kerala. ”With picturesque locations comprising of hills and backwaters, which can inspire any writer or storyteller to pen a piece on the Indian landscape. My other favourite would be Rajasthan and its folklores that act as the right catalyst for writing period stories based on the rich cultural history of our motherland.”

Amalfi coast with its small beaches and colourful houses is a popular holiday destination in Italy

Amalfi coast

“My all time favourite, a place which I feel has everything that I am looking for, is the Amalfi Coast in Italy. The food tastes incredibly fresh, straight from the farm, the sea provides perspective and peace, the village feel is inviting like an old family friend, and romance rests on the wings of the wind,” says Shivali Bhammer, Contemporary Bhajan singer and traveller.

Germany Every place has its own history and culture, which helps in crafting varied kinds of stories. “As a writer and a storyteller, I feel inspired differently while visiting different places.Whenever I visit countries like Austria or Germany, their ancient grand architecture inspires detective stories. As the sun sets in the evening and lamps are switched on, it sets the perfect premise for a mystery thriller,” says Rai


Bhammer feels travel is one of the best ways to feed the soul and inspire the mind. “I especially love places that carry ancient history, like Petra in Jordan or Egypt. It gives you a sense of where civilization has come from, and how we are all connected through time.”

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