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Spring cleaning is a must! Here are a few easy, quick and efficient ideas

Want to clear the clutter that has taken over your home over this winter? Well, wipe, scrub, and wash but also don’t forget to organise and prepare for spring.

more lifestyle Updated: Feb 10, 2018 17:41 IST
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Clean kitchen tops with a solution of white vinegar, liquid soap, and hot water. (iStock)

As the weather becomes warm and pleasant, it’s time to open your windows, clean the clutter, and give your indoor space a makeover. Yes, folks, it’s spring cleaning time! You may feel that it often involves wiping, scrubbing, and washing but home decor experts say that it’s also about organising objects. Shantanu Garg, an interior designer, says, “The main aim of spring cleaning is organising objects, furniture and wardrobe in one’s home. It starts with visual cleanliness. If you find a home clutter-free and objects placed neatly, it automatically appeals to the eye of the beholder.”

Get down and organise

Talking about interesting ideas to give your home a spring makeover, Shantanu says, “If you are planning to rearrange your study room, I would suggest, keep your books colour coded or place them alphabetically or even better yet, put your favourite novels or books first, followed by the not-so-favourite-ones. The ones that you don’t read but wish to read in future can be stacked together neatly and decorated on your centre table in the living room with it. This will add a new element to your living space table.”

Segregate your wardrobe into everyday clothing, office wear and party wear. (iStock)

You can also apply the same colour coding method to your wardrobe, too. “Wardrobes should always be segregated into various compartments like everyday clothing, party wear, Indian wear, office wear, long coats, etc. Further, you can break them down into colour coding options, keep all the pastels together, dark colours in another section and neutrals in another. This is pleasing to the eye, and you can reach your favourite garment in a matter of seconds,” Shantanu suggests.

One can also tweak or rearrange a photo wall display. Changing up the art and photographs we display on our walls is a beautiful way to shift the mood in a room quickly.

A dash of colour

Colours can add a positive impact on your spring cleaning activity, says home decor expert, Sarita Handa. She suggests, “It is important to let light in after cold winter months effectively, and this also a great opportunity to introduce bright colours in your surroundings.” She says that for doing this, you don’t have to get into painting a wall or your cupboard, etc. “Brighten up your living room with a new rug and if that’s over your budget then why not throw in cushy pillows in multiple colours. Also, if still want to do something about your walls without going through the pain of getting them painted then you can invest in good, bright wallpapers, as it is the fastest way to change the look of your home,” she says. She adds, “Brighten up the corners with plants or rustic artefacts to bring a garden feel indoors. We are talking about spring, right! So, go for it. Also, adding garden furniture to your space is another option.”

“Brighten up your living room with a new rug and if that’s over your budget then why not throw in cushy pillows in multiple colours. Also, if still want to do something about your walls without going through the pain of getting them painted then you can invest in good, bright wallpapers, as it is the fastest way to change the look of your home” -Sarita Handa, home decor expert

Don’t forget to clean, especially these...

Organising and rearranging won’t be of much use until you clean! And, yes, we often forget to clean our light bulbs and tube lights. But, boy, oh boy! Don’t they make a huge impact when they are clean? Well then, go ahead and unscrew those light bulbs and clean them using a soft piece of cloth dampened with water. However, make sure you don’t wet the metal screw base. Now, let’s move on to items that help you clean the other stuff - washers and dryers. Hey, just because it gets your clothes sparkling clean doesn’t exempt it from being dirty. Such appliances are more likely to be dirty if you have a poorly ventilated laundry room, or you often tend to leave damp clothes in the machine for extended periods of time. But don’t fret, you can quickly remove mildew from the washing machine as well as discourage any unwanted micro-bacterial growth by cleaning the rubber door seal with a perfect solution. Take a cup of chlorine bleach and add that to 2 cups warm water. Wear a rubber glove and start cleaning.

Now that we are all set let us move on to the mother of all cleaning - garbage cans. Now, don’t you go on saying that it’s just a receptacle for your trash, okay? Because if you don’t give your garbage can some TLC regularly, it can become a breeding ground for several bacteria and mildew, or something even worse. Take out your garbage can and rinse it with a hose. Use a long-handled brush and scrub the inside with a mixture of white vinegar and warm water. Rinse again and let dry.

Magical ingredients!

If you think, you need to go on a special spring cleaning tour... then you are wrong, guys! As we list out a few effective items that you can find inside your kitchen cabinet.

Taps: Lemon

Take a lemon, cut it into halves, rub the flesh on to the tap and leave the sticky citrus coating for an hour. Rinse off using plain water. Voila! Taps will be gleaming, and smell divine.

Bath/stone sinks/marble tiles: Salt and grapefruit

Time to put lemon’s bigger and fatter cousin to use. While the salt is supposed to act as a scouring agent on a grubby bath, so use a generous amount and rub it in vigorously with the grapefruit. Let it rest for an hour before rinsing it off. You can also use a scouring pad to clean the area thoroughly.

You can make house cleaning products all by yourself, and that, too, chemical-free. (iStock)

Microwave/Oven/Tandoor: Baking soda and vinegar

Did you go overboard with your winter barbeque sessions? Well, time to clean all the layers of grime. Wipe down the inside of your oven, microwave or tandoor and cover the surfaces with baking soda. Spray the walls with vinegar and don’t worry about the fizzing sound. Now wipe everything using a paper/kitchen towel. There you go!

Multi-purpose spray: 1/2 cup white vinegar, 3 tbsp liquid eco-friendly soap, 2 tbsp Borax (optional) and hot water

Take an emptied spray bottle and fill it with hot water. Leave a few inches at the top. Now add rest of the ingredients. Add essential oils such as peppermint or lavender or tea tree oil to boost the disinfecting power of the spray. Shake well. And there you go, home-made spray that can be easily used on tile floors, counters, bathrooms and even toys.

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First Published: Feb 10, 2018 17:38 IST