(L to R) Siddharth, Sudha Kiran, Samyak and Inder have realised to prioritise family ties over everything else.
(L to R) Siddharth, Sudha Kiran, Samyak and Inder have realised to prioritise family ties over everything else.

United we stand: Here’s how this Delhi family defeated Covid-19

A family of four, out of which three tested positive for the virus, stood together through thick and thin and emerged healthier and stronger!
Hindustan Times | By Ashish Kedia, New Delhi
UPDATED ON AUG 27, 2020 10:09 PM IST

The last few months have been anything but ordinary for most of us. For Delhi resident Sudha Kiran, it was also about seeking strength in family ties and sticking around loved ones unconditionally.

Kiran, 45, works as a teacher in a Delhi-based government school and lives with her husband, advocate Inder Kumar, 50 and two sons – Siddharth, 16 and Samyak, 10.

While the family was following all precautions and mostly stayed indoors, except for the mandatory grocery runs, during the lockdown, it came as a shock to them when three members of the household tested positive for Covid-19.

“Around mid-July my husband started to show a few symptoms and we immediately got him tested. He was found to be Covid positive, which compelled us all to take the test. Unfortunately, while my husband was admitted to AIIMS and was undergoing treatment, I, alongwith my elder son, also tested positive. It was, certainly, a difficult moment for us, but we were aware that with the right precautions and necessary medical care, we will be able to beat the virus,” says Kiran, recalling that phase.

Indeed, the toughest challenge for Kiran and her family was the stigma that came with the virus. “The disease, in a way, brought me face to face with the reality of the people around me. The people, who I would often help a lot and hold in high regard, all behaved very oddly. People stopped talking to us and we were treated in as if we don’t even exist. This has been a big learning and now we know that we have to face everything on our own. This reality shook me more than the actual disease,” she says, asserting that it only made her stronger as an individual.

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“It was just a period of 20 to 22 days, though at that time it felt like forever. We are just glad that we were able to come out of it healthy and with a better outlook towards life,” shares Kiran, adding that it was her father and brother, who helped them with regular supplies during the period of home isolation. Moreover, while most people around their house deserted them in such a time of need, help came from unexpected quarters. “Outside the family, the one person who helped us the most was a man who irons clothes near our house. He was always available on a phone call to fetch any groceries and help us with any essentials. We are really grateful to him for what all he did for us during those tough days,” she tells us.

And Kiran couldn’t be more proud of her two sons, as she feels they were very understanding of the whole situation and acted well beyond their years. “I helped mum in the kitchen as much as I could. I had fever initially but I recovered very quickly, compared to my parents. So while mum wasn’t feeling very well, I helped cook meals and clean the house,” Siddharth says, adding, “The virus I believe impacts everyone differently and according to their body’s immunity. With the right medical care and diet, I’m sure anyone can beat it.”

“Be it during the period when we were in quarantine or even after when we had tested negative for Covid-19 and were recovering, the kids were the ones taking over all the responsibilities of the house,” she says, adding younger son Samyak, who happened to be the sole healthy member of the family, also rose to the occasion.

Sudha Kiran and her sons – Siddharth (L) and Samyak (R).
Sudha Kiran and her sons – Siddharth (L) and Samyak (R).

“He is in Class VI and throughout the phase he helped us a lot. Even after testing negative, we were all feeling very weak. At that time, he helped a lot in everyday household chores. Despite being just 10, he brought supplies from the market as well as helped us with our daily chores. He is a very strong child,” says the proud mother.

“I feel my kids have matured immensely in these past few months. They have become much more responsible and we have come to realise that no matter what, it’s just one’s own family which will stick to you through thick and thin, and will be there for you even during your worst times,” adds Kiran.

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