Vodka, whiskey or wine? This drink will make you feel sexy and confident

Next time you are confused whether to order a vodka, whiskey or wine, keep this study in mind. It says that different alcohols produce different emotional responses in drinkers.

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HT Correspondent
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The study found that spirits such as gin, vodka, and hard alcohols like whiskey produced strong emotions in drinkers.(Shutterstock)

If at the end of a long, hard working day you wish to relax, it is best to grab a beer or red wine. But if it is liquid courage and a desire to feel good about yourself, go for gin or vodka or a peg of whiskey.

A group of researchers in the UK set out to find if different alcohols produced different emotional responses. For the study they relied on data from the annual Global Drug Survey. The study has been published in British Medical Journal.

The study found that spirits such as gin, vodka, and hard alcohols like whiskey, produced strong emotions in you. They were most likely to create negative feelings, such as aggression (in 30% of people), tearfulness (22%) and restlessness (28%). But they could also bring out positive emotions like feeling confident (59%), energised (58%) and sexy (42%).

The study found that red wine and beer were more likely to make drinkers feel relaxed. (Getty images)

Red wine and beer were more likely to make you feel relaxed, with 53% of the respondents saying they felt calmer after drinking wine, and almost 50% saying they felt relaxed after consuming beer. Red wine was most commonly linked to fatigue, making 60% of drinkers feel tired.

Researchers said the variations in percentages of alcohol in the drinks, ingredients used and amounts consumed may be the reason behind the varying emotional impact of the drinks.

These emotional responses were more common in women, except for aggression. The study also suggests that you could be selecting your drink,, consciously or unknowingly, based on how you want it to make you feel.

“These findings suggest that individuals inadvertently select drinks which are known to elicit negative emotions because they crave the positive emotions that go with them and link with existing evidence that those dependent on alcohol drink alcohol as a coping mechanism rather than drinking for pleasure,” the authors were quoted as saying in a Time magazine report.

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First Published: Nov 22, 2017 12:32 IST