Movie review: Sunny Leone shines, sex kills the horror in Ragini MMS 2

Sadly, the sexually charged scenes shift the limelight from Sunny Leone's acting prowess to her body. In the scenes where the actor takes charge from the seductress in her, she's a powerpacked performer.

movie reviews Updated: Mar 24, 2014 18:03 IST
Parmita Uniyal
Parmita Uniyal
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Ekta Kapoor -- the television queen, a self-confessed fan of horror and maker of adult comedies -- knew what she was getting into when she conceptualised Ragini MMS 2, a horrex, the first-of-its kind for Indian cinema. She never cares about critics, she has always maintained. But does she care about her audiences? If yes, who are the target audience for

Ragini MMS 2


I got an answer to these questions, when I ventured out to watch Sunny Leone's Ragini MMS 2, helmed by Bhushan Patel. The enthusiastic crowd cheered when the film began. A lowdown on our protagonist's opening scene: Sunny Leone is sitting naked in a bathtub, and the song Baby doll begins with camera strategically zooming in on her assets. The cheers metamorphosed into lewd comments from a section of audience who had obviously recieved their money's worth from the film. What about the rest of the audience? Well, after a while, you cannot help but get affected by the obscenity not only on screen but also from the people who are sitting next to you.

But, it's a horrorex afterall. Didn't Ekta warn you?

In Ekta's world, the ghost goes naked, gets cosy in the shower, seduces you to a lake only to kill you. What's more? She can also kill you while in the act. Maybe there's a lesson here: think twice before a one-night stand.

Besides the overdose of sex, smooches and skimpy outfits, the film also has Kya Kool Hain Hum (another Ekta Kapoor movie) brand of humour that you were not promised before watching the movie. The Grand Masti lovers can rejoice again! The haters can stay home and do better things.

As far as horror is concerned, it dominates the second half, especially the climax. The sex and the adult comedy, however, diminishes the impact of spooky moments. The moment you begin to feel scared, there's something or the other to break the momentum.

Sunny Leone is the best and the worst thing about Ragini MMS 2. Sadly, the sexually charged scenes shift the limelight from her acting prowess to her body. However, in the scenes where the actor takes charge from the seductress in her, she's a powerpacked performer. The lady has a great screen presence and a potential that could be explored better than her skin.

Sandhya Mridul plays a behenji-turned-mod, a character she's never attempted before and excels at it. Her much-publicised kiss with Sunny Leone, though shot in an aesthetic way, was unwarranted. She enjoys her character though, which translates into a confident performance.

Divya Dutta, who plays Ragini's psychiatrist, is an actor of great mettle and excels again, but she should try different roles, before she becomes repetitive.

Parvin Dabbas, as a kinky director, impresses. Saahil Prem as Satya, the love interest of Sunny Leone delivers a decent performance. Kainaz Motivala (Ragini), in her brief appearance, does justice to her character.

Our verdict
Don't watch it if you are a serious horror lover. Go for it if you can appreciate Grand Masti humour and Sunny Leone's body.

The film within the film
Rocks, a filmmaker who's going through a rough phase, decides to make a horrorex with adult star Sunny Leone and some television actors. His film is based on the real life story of Ragini and Uday (the story of the first installment of Ragini MMS) whose dirty weekend turns into a spooky experience when Uday gets killed by a chudail (ghost) and Ragini lands up in a mental asylum.

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