My career doesn't depend on Shah Rukh: Abhijeet

Updated on Feb 21, 2008 06:25 PM IST

Riding on the success of his song Dhoom tana from Om Shanti Om, Abhijeet Bhattacharya has a lot to look forward to. Sujata Reddy speaks to the singer.

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Hindustan Times | BySujata Reddy, Mumbai

Riding on the success of his song Dhoom tana from the film Om Shanti Om, singer Abhijeet has a lot to look forward to. Here he gets candid with Sujata Reddy

What are you busy with after your song Dhoom tana for Om Shanti Om?
My real estate business is doing extremely well. I'm also working towards the release of my music album.

You haven't mentioned playback singing?
Well, you don't have to spare much time for playback. I go to the recording studio on the given date, rehearse for an hour and finish recording in another hour. I record at least one south Indian song every week.

What about Hindi songs?
I am already a name to reckon with in the Hindi music business and don't need to slog it out anymore. The problem with me is that I cannot stick to doing only one thing. I am multi-talented.

Are you raking in the big bucks?
Yes. I never thought I would get so busy. The past two years have been the busiest. I am the highest tax payer in the music industry. I am paying 10 times more tax than I used to when I was only into playback singing.

You were once the voice of Shah Rukh Khan.
Listen, my career doesn't depend on Shah Rukh Khan and vice versa. We complement each other. I am proud to say that I have sung Shah Rukh Khan's most memorable songs.

What is your opinion on reality shows, now that you have been part of Amul Star Voice of India?
To be honest, I think the competition has turned reality shows into a big joke. Established singers are letting go of their self-respect by participating in them.

They are making fools of themselves - showing the public that they have no knowledge of music. It is like asking musicians to act. There were reports that the finale of VOI had been rigged. The fact that people are talking about it shows that it was popular. Anyway I refused to be a part of the last four episodes because I was not happy with the two finalists.

Hasn't your frankspeak landed you in the bad books of several colleagues?
I'd like to believe I'm not a hypocrite. Even on VOI, the audience found me to be genuine and listened to what I said. There are times when I think I am very blunt but make it a point to apologise later.

You once said that Pakistani singers should not be allowed to sing in India. Do you still stand by that stance?
See, I am not against Pakistani singers, but against our government on this issue. At times, they portray Pakistan as our enemy and at times as friends. Right now, Raj Thackarey is against north Indians.

Pakistani artistes are not stars till they come to India. Mahesh Bhatt hyped Meera's entry in Hindi cinema but I was shocked to see that even waiters don't recognise them back there.

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