5 foods that reduce sugar cravings

Cravings for sugar all day? Instead of giving in to those intense sweet cravings, try adding these foods to your

Published on Apr 29, 2023 08:49 PM IST 6 Photos

"Sugar cravings are often triggered by dehydration, Magnesium deficiency, irregular eating habits. Sugar is one of the culprits for hormonal Imbalance and bad gut health! It can be improved by dietary and lifestyle changes," writes Dietician Manpreet Kalra in her recent Instagram post.(Freepik)

1. Ceylon cinnamon: It regulates your blood sugar levels and cravings for sugar. You can have cinnamon water or tea post meals.(Unsplash)

2. Ghee and jaggery: They are healthy fats and are important to curb cravings. They cleanse the digestive system and metabolise high blood sugar. Add 1 tsp ghee on rotis during lunch.(Shutterstock)


3. Pumpkin seeds: They help you keep satiated. Rich in zinc, they also curb sugar cravings. Roast them or soak overnight before consuming for better digestibility.(Pixabay)

4. Banana: It is rich in magensium and regulates blood sugar levels as well as dopamine levels.(Pixabay)