5 latest trendy wedding decor ideas from across India

Wedding decor has undergone a full transformation and personalisation and is no longer limited to basic hanging or scrunched-up draperies

Updated on Apr 20, 2022 06:38 PM IST 8 Photos

In the last few years, every facet of Indian weddings has altered dramatically and wedding decor is no different as it too has undergone a full transformation and personalisation which is no longer limited to basic hanging or scrunched-up draperies and hackneyed floral arrangements. Instead, it has taken centre stage and the newness abounds with each passing day has resulted in the birth of unique and fresh trends. Even the tiniest details are given significant consideration. For example, opting for light colours and fresh flowers, as well as focusing the entire design on a theme, from the mandap to the bar and the stage. This transformation can majorly be attributed to the exposure that Indian audiences have got via social media, celebs weddings and global trends. Owing to all of these factors, Indian wedding decoration ideas have unquestionably improved and there's no turning back now!(Photo by Amish Thakkar on Unsplash)

All of this, on the other hand, can be hectic for couples, their families and loved ones to choose from innumerable options. However, we know for a fact that having a structured approach and following the suggestions indicated below can make the job much easier. For those planning their wedding decor or for someone in the family or friends, we have a quick guide by Anam Zubair, Associate Director of Marketing at WeddingWire India, with 5 new design ideas to help you out and allow you more time to enjoy the wedding ceremonies. (Photo by Guanfranco G on Unsplash)

According to Anam Zubair, “The process should always begin with identifying the kind of wedding you’ll be planning- indoor or outdoor, which depends on the selected timing- day, evening or late night and of course, the location. Once you've established all of these details, focus on narrowing down the style and theme you'd like for the big day. Whether you’re drawn to festive chic, casual elegance or rustic-luxe, there are a million different options for styling the day.” She listed 5 of the most popular wedding trends to consider so that you can create the most beautiful wedding decor for the wedding day. (Photo by Andre Hunter on Unsplash)


1. Bohemian decor - Couples and their loved ones are exploring creative ways to personalize their wedding day and want themes that are not limiting. One trend that is becoming increasingly popular is a combination of traditional and modern ideas. This trend can be used to create a setup that has a fancy touch as well as a contemporary vibe. For example - a picturesque venue for functions like haldi and mehendi decked up with bohemian decor and fairy lights, which was also recently seen in Shibani Dhandekar’s and Farhan Akhtar’s mehendi decor and this trend is catching the spotlight. With the rise in the number of day celebrations, young couples are prioritising bohemian themes that are a laid-back luxury. This decor style sure will give an unforgettable experience. (Twitter/festivalbrides)

2. Dreamy and whimsical decor - When it comes to creativity, wedding decorators leave no stone unturned and another great way that you can never go wrong with is dreamy & whimsical decor. Since it makes a statement without being obtrusive, it’s gaining a lot of traction these days. Mixing and matching colours would be ideal for this kind of wedding. The most fun colours for a whimsical feel would be pastel shades with that foliage and climbing vines along the arms of the aisle chairs, this can also be added for a more rustic vibe. Coloured canopies and fabrics can also be utilised to create this form of decor, which enhances the appearance of areas. Entry passages that are decked up beautifully inspired by fairy tales, huge floral installations like chandeliers, neon signages, reflecting surfaces, etc are also becoming popular trends for 2022, when it comes to dream and whimsical decors. (Twitter/TheBrideStory)