5 signs that you are self-sabotaging: Here's how you can break the pattern

From overcommitting to procrastination, here are a few signs that we are self-sabotaging.

Published on Jun 14, 2024 05:13 PM IST 6 Photos

Often, we self-sabotage with behavioural patterns that do not align with ourselves and leave us feeling frustrated and low. "Recognising the signs of self-sabotage (and any behaviour pattern that does not align with you and leaves you feeling stuck) is the first step towards change," wrote Life Coach Anna De Freitas. The Life Coach further shared a few ways by which we can break the pattern. (Unsplash)

Procrastination: The act of leaving work for later is often associated with the fear of failure or imperfections. The best way to address it is by breaking the task into smaller and manageable goals.  (Unsplash)

Negative self-talk: Often the harsh inner critic talks to us and makes us feel like failures. We can combat our inner voice with positive affirmations that reinstate our belief in our abilities.  (Unsplash)


Perfectionism: often we wait for the perfect time to take up a task because we are overburdened with the fear of failure. We should understand that perfectionism is unattainable. Instead, we should focus on making progress.  (Unsplash)

Fear of failure: The constant fear of failure often drives us away from doing our tasks. We should, instead, embrace everything as an opportunity to learn and grow.  (Unsplash)