5 signs that your relationship needs work: Couples Therapist explains

From starting to question the relationship to feeling that we are not on the same page as our partner, here

Published on May 24, 2024 06:40 PM IST 6 Photos

A relationship requires constant effort and understanding to make it a healthy one. However, both partners need to be equally invested in making things work out for a longer time. Often, we may come across situations in the relationship where we feel frustrated with the partner. Those are the times we need to identify the work that is required for us to make things better. Couples Therapist Jordan Dann shared a few signs.(Pixabay)

With certain topics like parenting style, sex, emotional needs and intimacy, we feel that we have reached a stage where we are not able to find a common ground to agree about things. (Unsplash)

We feel dissatisfied with the relationship and start to question ourselves if this is what we are looking for in a relationship. (Unsplash)


When the relationship has a history of past harm and betrayal, it is difficult to trust the partner again and start to feel that they are loyal to us. 

Even though we know what we should be doing to make things better, we need some concrete behavioural practices to give ourselves a map to greater relationship health. (Unsplash)