5 simple evening habits to regulate Cortisol and manage stress

From avoiding checking phone to having a nutrient-dense dinner, here are a few evening habits that can regulate Cortisol levels.

Published on Feb 20, 2024 01:26 PM IST 6 Photos

Cortisol is a stress hormone and regulates the body's response to stress and anxiety. However, increased levels of Cortisol can lead to more stress. "A few small habits can help regulate your circadian rhythm and boost your ability to adapt and handle stress effectively by improving sleep quality, supporting mind-body health, and optimizing the release of cortisol and melatonin," wrote Nutritionist Marina Wright.(Unsplash)

Having a nutrient-dense dinner helps in regulating the blood sugar levels and controlling the blood sugar spikes, leading to healthy sleep. (Unsplash)

We should avoid blue light emitted from screens – phones, tablets and laptops, at least one hour before hitting the bed. (Unsplash)


Engaging in activities such as checking the phone or e-mail can activate the brain and increase Cortisol levels, leading to stress. (Unsplash)

Consciously acknowledging the things that we are thankful for and journaling them at the end of the day helps us to feel happy and calm. (Unsplash)