8 things you should stop applying on your face immediately

A lot of beauty gurus have been sharing their DIYs online to achieve great skin. While their videos look convincing,

Published on May 16, 2021 10:54 AM IST 8 Photos

Different skin types should be treated differently and it is important that you know yours. Here are a few ingredients that should be avoided if you do not want breakouts and acne.(Unsplash)

Mayonnaise: While this ingredient can be great for your hair, it is a big no-no when it comes to the face. It can clog pores and aggravate an already-sensitive, pimple-prone skin.(Unsplash)

Coconut oil: If you have oily skin then you should stop using this right away. Applying coconut oil on your face will only clog the pores and cause breakouts.(Unsplash)


Toothpaste: Many people have been using toothpaste for the longest time to cure acne. Dermatologists do not advise the same since it can cause discolouration and scars.(Unsplash)

Lemon: Using this citric fruit directly on your face can irritate the skin. Lemon contains a chemical called psoralen which makes your skin sensitive to light.(Unsplash)