Avoid these 5 unhealthy habits that are making you sick

Do you fall sick too often? There are a number of reasons why your immunity might have taken a hit.

Published on Jul 03, 2022 08:13 PM IST 6 Photos

From over-exercising to eating late at night, Ayurveda expert Dr Dixa Bhavsar lists all the reasons that could be behind your poor health.(Pixabay)

1. Eating without hunger or appetite: Hunger is a sign that your previous meal is digested well. When you eat without appetite, you're over burdening your liver. The best rule you need to follow is to eat only when you are hungry.(Unsplash)

2. Exercising more than your capacity: Exercising more than one's capacity can exhaust you, lead to bleeding disorders, dysonoea, cough, fever, excessive thirst and even vomiting. If we over-indulge in exercise beyond our body’s capacity without taking nutritious diet, it can lead to severe Vata aggravation, tissue loss and poor agni. So moderation is the key.(Shutterstock)


3. Having late dinner: It is best to have dinner before sunset or within 1 hour of sunset or max by 8 pm. Late dinners probably post 9 pm can disturb your metabolism, liver detox and even you sleep. It can lead to diabetes, cholesterol, obesity, heart issues over a period of time.(Unsplash)

4. Sleeping post midnight: The best time to sleep is by 10 pm. 10 pm until 2 am is pitta dominant time means your metabolism is at its peak. If you stop eating at 7-7:30 pm and sleep early, it allows your digestive fire to digest everything you've eaten throughout the day and facilitates optimum liver detox which helps you maintain your weight, sugar levels, energy and most important your body's capacity to absorb nutrition from the food you eat. Sleeping post-midnight deteriorates the quality of your sleep and also disturbs your circadian rhythm giving rise to mental issues, vitamin deficiencies, poor gut health, etc.(Shutterstock)