Baby care tips: 5 ways to keep your toddler safe from mosquitoes

Attention parents! Check out these five useful ways to protect your toddler from mosquitoes

Published on Jan 29, 2024 01:00 AM IST 8 Photos

Welcoming a child and creating your own little world within this big one is undoubtedly a delight but it also comes with a great deal of responsibilities where from choosing something as basic as clothes to hair care, food items or something as specific as an insect repellent cream, it is crucial for parents to go all out and look for nothing less than the best. Despite our best attempts as parents to keep our kids safe, tiny things like mosquito bites that might appear to be insignificant end up finding their way to our young children, harming their sensitive skin. (File Photo)

In an interview with Zarafshan Shiraz of HT Lifestyle, Dr Swathi Ramamurthy, Head - R&D at Herby Angel, shared, “Although at first glance these bites may not seem to be a big deal, they have the ability to turn into a greater cause for concern and result in deadly conditions like dengue, malaria and chikungunya. Even while it is nearly impossible to shield your child from mosquitoes completely, there are a few ways to keep them safe from the sight of these little dangerous insects.” She suggested the following five useful ways to protect your toddler from mosquitoes - (Photo by Sidhesh Gavali)

1. Must-have mosquito nets: Whether taking out your baby for a walk or putting him/her to sleep, it is crucial to cover their carrier or cot with a mosquito net. Acting as an additional layer of defense, mosquito nets prevent pesky crawlies while maintaining a smooth airflow and protecting your child.(Photo by AFP)


2. Comfortable covered clothing: Given that a baby's skin is extremely delicate, comfortable cotton clothes that cover their arms and legs are the perfect fit. Cotton-covered clothing not only repels mosquitoes but also allows for maximum air exposure, putting them at ease. (Photo by Sanjeev Sharma/HT)

3. Add all-natural insect repellent cream: The best insect repellent cream to protect your child from bothersome mosquitoes and insect bites is one that comprises natural components, organic herbs, and essential oils. In addition to providing protection against creepy crawlies, a natural dermatologically tested repellent cream with DEET and alcohol-free formulation also soothes dry, itchy, and irritated skin and speeds up wound healing. (Photo by Twitter/pinecrestfl )