Fertility boosting tips to consider now to prepare for your egg-freezing journey

Here are a few things you need to do if you want to increase your fertility to freeze your eggs

Published on Sep 03, 2022 05:14 PM IST 6 Photos

Improving fertility and boosting egg quality is linked to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. A lot of women today are opting to have children later in life and consider freezing their eggs. It is known that conceiving a child is not that easy in later years. Freezing your eggs can offer hope of conceiving in the future. Here are a few things to do now to prepare for your egg-freezing journey.(Shutterstock)

Moderate alcohol intake: Several studies have associated high alcohol consumption with an increased risk of female infertility.(Unsplash)

Increase omega-3 intake: Add food that is rich in omega-3 like fish, nuts, seeds, and flaxseed/canola oil to your diet. Studies suggest that omega-3s improve female fertility.(Unsplash)


Reduce caffeine intake: You need to limit your caffeine intake in you are trying to conceive or planning to freeze your eggs since caffeine has the ability to influence the quality of the developing egg.(Unsplash)

Exercise smartly: Exercise smart and not hard. Go for moderate exercise reaps since that has several benefits on the body. Do not have to work out vigorously but look for options that will raise your heart rate, make you breathe faster and feel warmer, but not lose your breath while talking.(Unsplash)