Foods that unclog arteries: Health experts say eat these to prevent stroke

Clogged up arteries may put increase an individual's risk of sudden heart attack, heart failure or even stroke. Health experts

Updated on Jan 22, 2022 04:34 PM IST 9 Photos

Arteries are the largest blood vessels of human body and they play the crucial role of delivering oxygen and nutrients to every organ, tissue and cell. Hence, it is important for our health to keep these vital channels in tip-top shape. Dr Rakesh Rajpurohit MD, Consultant Pulmonologist and Critical Care Medical at Jain Multi-Specialty Hospital, tells Zarafshan Shiraz, “Clogged arteries or blocked up arteries are basically an underlying plaque in the blood vessels which is made of calcium, cholesterol and cellular debris. Clogged up arteries may put a risk of sudden heart attack, heart failure or even stroke.” Anam Golandaz, Clinical Dietician at Masina Hospital in Mumbai reveals, “Unhealthy arteries are called as atherosclerosis—an inflammatory condition where plaques (fatty deposits composed of cholesterol and other substances) build up inside arteries, which interferes with normal blood flow and can lead to heart disease, heart attacks, and stroke.”  (Photo by Victoria Shes on Unsplash)

Asserting that dietary modifications had always been an preliminary model in any sort of cardiovascular diseases, Dr Rakesh Rajpurohit suggested, “One should always select diet which is rich in high density lipoprotein (hdl) also known as good cholesterol. Avoid foods with high levels of Ldl cholesterol that is bad cholesterol. Some of foods items rich in unsaturated fat which are rich in Hdl includes avocado, olive oil ,sunflower oil,walnut etc are one should always opt .At the same time one should avoid food rich in saturated fat Like fried , processed foods ,cheese, coconut and palm oil to prevent the clogging of blood vessels.”  (Shutterstock/ Representational image)

Clinical Dietician nam Golandaz mentioned specific foods that one can include in their diet as they have been studied for their cardiovascular benefits and may help in naturally unclogging arteries by supporting weight loss, balancing blood sugar, lowering LDL cholesterol, increasing HDL cholesterol and curbing inflammation. These foods include: (Unsplash)


1. Flax Seeds - It is a good source of anti-inflammatory plant-based omega-3s (alpha-linolenic acid), along with fiber and antioxidant plant compounds called lignans. Many researches suggests that regular flax consumption can help halt the progression of atherosclerotic plaques. (Pixabay)

2. Walnuts and Almonds - Nuts are a good source of protein, fiber and healthy fats such as omega-3. As per researches, regular nut consumption has been associated with a reduced risk of overall cardiovascular disease and coronary heart disease. (Pixabay)