Harmful effects of skipping bath in monsoon

Every time the temperature drops, we feel reluctant to take a bath. But what does it cause to our bodies?

Updated on Jul 30, 2022 10:11 AM IST 7 Photos

During winters and monsoon, we often do not take bath due to the cold weather outside. in fact, some people feel reluctant to take bath in warm water as well. but this habit can cost us a lot. Let's have a look at the effects that skipping bath has on our bodies.(Unsplash)

More than winters. Skipping bath during the monsoon season can invite a lot of trouble for us.(Unsplash)

Infection: Skipping bath causes dead cells to generate, especially in the groin area. These dead cells lead to yeast infections and bacterial infections, which can further spread to other parts of the body.(Unsplash)


Accumulation of dead cells: For a lot of people, skipping bath causes dead cells to accumulate in various parts of the bodies. This can lead to more infections.(Unsplash)

Bad odour: Skipping bath causes bacteria to generate bad odour throughout the body. Besides it being an unpleasant odour, this can lead to infections of various kinds as well.(Unsplash)