How it feels to live with panic disorder

From isolation to the smallest of things acting as a trigger, here's what panic disorder looks like.

Published on Sep 22, 2023 04:51 PM IST 6 Photos

Panic disorder is a type of anxiety where a person constantly keeps having panic or fear about something. "Do you have panic disorder? I remember when I was going through it, I felt so lost and alone and I had no idea panic disorder was even a thing. I truly just thought I was dying or losing my mind. Panic disorder is a real thing, but you can get through it," wrote Therapist Taylor Barone.(Unsplash)

People with panic disorder are constantly waiting for the next panic attack to hit. They feel exhausted from dealing with continuous panic attacks. (Unsplash)

They fear that other places can give them panic attacks, and hence they feel scared to leave their homes. (Unsplash)


Isolation and cutting people out of their lives is a classic sign of panic disorder as they feel overwhelmed all the time. (Unsplash)

Anything can act as a trigger for them – even something small and basic like going grocery shopping. (Unsplash)