Magical health benefits of ice water bath you might not know

Here are six magical health benefits of ice water baths you probably didn't know about.

Published on Feb 09, 2023 11:31 AM IST 6 Photos

Ice bath has become popular in recent years but this technique has been going on for centuries. It has several health benefits like reducing inflammation, boosting your mood, or relieving pain after a workout. It is important to consult a healthcare professional since cold water plunges pose a risk to people with certain conditions. (Unsplash)

Muscles Recovery: Exposing your body to cold water makes the blood vessels smaller and coming out to the room temperature causes them to rapidly re-open. This can help to flush the muscles' metabolic waste products. (Pinterest)

Boost Mental Health: Studies suggest that ice baths may improve your mental health since the cold water triggers a stress response and activates the nervous system. (Freepik)


Reduces Inflammation: The ice-cold water narrows blood vessels decreasing blood flow to your muscles. This may help reduce inflammation and swelling. (Pinterest)

Supports Immunity: Cold water immersion with deep breathing and meditation may support a healthy immune system. (Pixabay)