Men fashion tips: 5 style pieces that are must-have in a man's capsule wardrobe

Do you ever find yourself pondering what to wear, feeling overwhelmed by the quantity of clothing in your closet and

Updated on Jun 01, 2022 04:20 PM IST 7 Photos

Do you ever find yourself pondering what to wear, feeling overwhelmed by the quantity of clothing in your closet, and then discovering that nothing matches? Then, let us introduce you to the saving grace of the capsule wardrobe, a concept you may be acquainted with but may have missed its significance! While capsule wardrobes have been popular in women's fashion for a few years now, we sometimes forget that capsule wardrobes for guys are also a thing — and a beautiful thing at that! (Photo by Artem Beliaikin on Unsplash)

Everything good comes in a capsule - medicine, food, time and of course, clothing. A capsule wardrobe is a collection of classic pieces that work well together and allow you to create a look-after look with only a few items. You may create full looks using only the capsule wardrobe, and you can also layer capsule pieces with seasonal and trendy items. Investing in a capsule collection that works for you can boost your confidence and help you to discover your particular style through basic styling. In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Priyanka Sagar, Fashion Designer at DaMENSCH, shared some suggestions with Zarafshan Shiraz on how to start a capsule wardrobe for guys and listed every piece a man needs if you're thinking about it. (Antonio Sokic)

1. Blue denim - Denim jeans are flexible and durable, making them a must-have in every man's wardrobe. This is the most often worn garment in any closet, hands down. Blue denim will last a lifetime, so go for traditional straight-fit or slim-fit jeans that are both functional and stylish. Dress it up with a sports jacket, button-down shirt, and brown dress shoes, or dress it down with a t-shirt and sneakers. Blue jeans may be dressed in a number of ways to fit a variety of occasions. A slender pair will be timeless and will keep you staying trendy from season to season. (SHVETS production)


2. Crew neck T-shirts in neutral colours - When equipping your minimalist wardrobe, it is best to choose neutral tones as capsule wardrobes should be based on a foundation of subtle shades that complement one another. T-shirts are a must-have, especially if you prefer your looks to be relaxed and youthful. A white T-shirt is one of the most crucial wardrobe staples for a man, whether it is to be worn with a suit/jacket or informally with a pair of loose-fit ripped jeans. Other options include black, greys, blues, browns, and greens. (cottonbro)

3. Casual shorts - How could a list of men's wardrobe staples ever be complete without shorts? A pair of high-quality classic and comfortable pair of shorts is a worthwhile investment. The right kind of basics for men is the most important aspect of every ensemble and a pair of basic shorts will always be a favourite of all men. It goes well with a shirt, t-shirt, polo, tank top, and so on. They are quick to dry and clean, making them an excellent summer choice. (Budgeron Bach)