New Year 2022: Tips to set realistic resolutions

Planning to set some realistic New Year's resolutions for yourself? Follow these simple tips by a psychologist.

Updated on Dec 31, 2021 10:05 AM IST 6 Photos

If you are someone who can't stick to New Year's resolutions year after year, you are not alone. We tend to get ambitious when it comes to setting goals for the year ahead, and often fail to achieve them. Here are simple tips by Maitri Dhingra, Counseling Psychologist at Kaleidoscope- a unit of Dr. Bakshi's Healthcare to help you set realistic resolutions for 2022.(Pixabay)

Don’t focus on setting too many resolutions. Instead choose one realistic goal.(Pixabay)

Share your resolution plan with those who are close to you - it acts like a support system and motivates us to stay on track.(Pixabay)


Divide the goal into milestones and reward yourself when you achieve one.(Pixabay)

Positive self-talk goes a long way. Believe in yourself.(Pexels)