Parenting tips: 5 facts about toddlerhood that every parent should be aware of

From being physically capable to incapable of listening the first time, here are a few facts about toddlerhood that we

Published on Apr 24, 2024 06:00 AM IST 6 Photos

Parenting a toddler can be tricky. Since they are not able to express their emotions clearly in words, we are left to assume a lot. Hence, it requires a lot of patience from our end to understand them and cater to their needs. "Parenting a toddler is hard, and no one is perfect at it. While there’s no loophole to parenting or magic trick to make your toddler listen, avoid messes, and never lose your patience," wrote Parenting Expert Devon Kuntzman.(Representational Image/HT File)

A toddler is very emotionally dependent on us, and their biggest fear is losing our love. Hence, we should refrain from using harsh behaviour towards them. (Photo by Phil Nguyen on Pexels)

Toddlers are usually more physically capable than emotionally mature. Hence, we should try to focus on their physical skills than their emotional regulation techniques. (Unsplash)


Crying is a form of communication for toddlers, since they are not able to employ any other way of expressing their emotions. (Unsplash)

Toddlers often behave intensely in order to know what their limits are. So, we should not try to punish them for pushing our buttons. (Unsplash)