Petroleum jelly hacks for winters that you will swear by

Petroleum jelly is one affordable and easily available beauty product that is known for its versatality and the magic is

Updated on Nov 17, 2022 04:31 PM IST 7 Photos

Winters have a charm of its own but one downside is that it leaves your skin dry and flaky and lips chapped. This magical product has medicinal properties that helps moisturizing and maintaining the softness of the skin. It is not just easy on your pocket but also offers several benefits on the body. It is a non-comedogenic, which means it doesn’t clog pores.(Unsplash)

Prevents dry skin: The best way to use petroleum jelly is on your skin, especially the stubborn parts like the elbow, knee, ankles or heels that need a lot of nourishment. It is hydrating and it also solves itchy and irritable skin.(Unsplash)

Cracked heels: The best time to apply petroleum jelly is before going to bed. If you have cracked heels then you should scrub your feet every day before bedtime and apply a generous cote on your heels and wear socks to seal the moisture and to achieve best results.(Unsplash)


Undereye cream: Petroleum jelly can be used as an undereye cream. It can be a great supplement to traditional eye creams but if you are prone to having milia around the eyes then you should avoid.(Unsplash)

Chapped lips: You can use petroleum jelly as an overnight lip mask or use it during the day on your lips or on apply it on top of your lipstick as a gloss. This will keep your lips nourished the entire day and you don't have to worry about chapped lips.(Unsplash)