Top 10 destinations for a summer break

Through the ‘travel now, pay later’ option available at the POS with travel merchants, travellers pay over an extended period

Updated on May 19, 2022 08:25 AM IST 11 Photos

It is summer time and travellers are ready to take their vacations once again after more than two years of staying home under Covid-19 lockdowns. Added to the lure of international skies being open now, this seems to be the best time for Indians to take their dream trip. Be it a ‘dreamcation’, ‘staycation’ or ‘wellcation’, if the desire to travel outpaces one’s finances this summer, then TNPL (travel now, pay later) service providers are making immediate vacations possible. Abhilasha Negi, Co-Founder of SanKash, tells Zarafshan Shiraz, “Making travel bookings, especially for big-ticket trips with the entire amount paid upfront for a vacation, has always been stressful for travellers. After the pandemic outbreak, travellers plan shorter trips closer to their date of travel, rather than planning months in advance. This hurts their pockets even more. However, through the ‘travel now, pay later’ option available at the POS with travel merchants, travellers pay over an extended period and enjoy the holiday they might never have thought possible.” Given the ease of purchase, she listed the top 10 international destinations that are gaining popularity in the summer of 2022: (Photo by Jingxi Lau on Unsplash)

1. Thailand: Why settle for Goa when you can bask on the sea beach in Thailand! After the removal of restrictions by the Thai government and given the benefit of being able to repay for the travel spread over three to six months, travellers are choosing Thailand for its tranquillity and thrill. No wonder Thailand always tops the list of travel enthusiasts. What’s more, Thailand’s happening nightlife attracts party animals from across the world. (Unsplash)

2. The Maldives: The popular honeymoon destination for Indians is no longer being visited only by honeymooners this summer. Besides being a popular choice for water sports and beaches, the Maldives is a paradise for seafood lovers too. (File Photo)


3. Iceland: While Kashmir and Himachal have their distinct charm, why forgo the chance to enjoy the breathtaking sceneries, waterfalls and glacier lagoons in Iceland when one can spread the cost! Hitherto believed to be for rich travellers only, the destination has now picked up pace in bookings for other travellers too. (Unsplash)

4. Norway: This summer, Scandinavia, particularly Norway, is gaining momentum as a place to visit for Indians. The allure owes much to its diverse landscape of forests, mountains, fjords and fields, which are a pleasant treat to the eyes. Additionally, their lip-smacking seafood, fresh vegetables and organic dairy products are popular with restaurants worldwide. (Unsplash)