Travel hygiene tips: Must haves when travelling with kids

Travelling with kids can be different than your usual trips. Considering their age and needs, you need to adjust your

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Travelling is enjoyable but when it comes to travelling with your family, especially with children, it is easy to imagine why some people start worrying. One has to factor in a ton of uncontrolled occurrences that can pop up while the food, drink and air in a new place require some getting used to. Additionally, children are susceptible to issues brought on by travel, with illnesses like diarrhea and motion sickness. Planning and smart packing can help you keep your family well prepared while travelling. In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Dr Chaman Ram Verma, Dean at NIMS University in Jaipur, revealed to Zarafshan Shiraz a list of must-have items to keep in mind when travelling with kids - (Josh Willink)

1. Box of supplies in an accessible bag - It is very important that parents have an easily accessible bag of all major supplies including medicines, power bank, safety pins etc, when traveling with children and parents as well.  (Unsplash)

2. Medical kit - Whether at home or travelling, a first aid kit or kit has been one of the most useful yet underrated items in many cases. Usually, people do not realize its significance until they experience a medical emergency. So, it's a good idea to carry some pain killers along with basic first-aid essentials including bandages, antiseptic disinfectant liquid, antibacterial creams, small scissors etc. Don't forget inhalers, allergy medicine and insulin, if needed/prescribed by your doctor. ( Towfiqu barbhuiya)


3. Germ protection wipes - While travelling via road or air, you come in contact with multiple surfaces that will be handled by others too. Also, there are instances where one does not have access to water. A germ protection wipe will come in super handy for this. Get one which is easy to carry and is re-sealable. A travel pack of germ protection wipes would be perfect to clean away the germs from your mobile phone, wallet, chair arms and any other surface. The best part? The wipes are truly multi-purpose: safe to use on hands, body and surface (glass, marble, wood, plastic, and stainless steel) even gadgets. Germ protection wipes have a skin-friendly pH. They are soft and gentle on skin. (Pexels)

4. Comfortable car seats or cushions - Depending on your child (and age), some parents are more comfortable with the child in their car seat during the flight. Being in their car seat can bring them a level of familiarity and can even be comfortable enough to fall asleep. (Reuters Photo)




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