What is destroying your metabolism? Doctor explains

From drinking coffee in an empty stomach to being stressed, here are a few things that can destroy the metabolism

Published on Jan 15, 2024 09:31 PM IST 6 Photos

Our diet and lifestyle have a strong impact on our body's metabolism. " The biggest contributor to your slow metabolism is stress and not giving your body the nutrients, it needs. Your cells need energy and nutrients in order to function. We have to make our bodies feel safe by giving them rest, love, nutrients, and reducing the toxin burden wherever you can," wrote Doctor Kristina Telhami as she noted down the things that can destroy our metabolism.(Unsplash)

Exercising more than what is required for the body and not providing the body with enough nutrients can affect our metabolism. (Unsplash)

Taking too much stress and being anxious all the time can also affect our appetite and digestion process. (Unsplash)


Adequate sleep is very important for the body to feel recharged. Lack of sleep at night can affect the digestion process. (Unsplash)

Eating a low-carb diet on a regular basis can also impact metabolism and destroy it, slowly. (Unsplash)