Why you shouldn't drink water right after meals; reasons explained

Gulping down water right after a meal could slow down your digestion and spike blood sugar levels. Here's what to

Published on May 20, 2024 08:47 AM IST 6 Photos

"Thinking about grabbing a glass of water right after your meal? Nutritionist Karishma Shah on why you might want to wait. Know ideal duration of having water after meals for optimal digestion. (Pexels)

Dilutes digestive juices: Sipping water just after eating can dilute the essential stomach acids and enzymes, slowing down your digestion. One should especially avoid gulping large amounts while small sips are fine. (Unsplash)

Impairs nutrient absorption: Drinking water immediately after your lunch and dinner can speed up digestion but at the cost of not absorbing vital nutrients effectively. Allow it some time before you have a glass of water. (Shutterstock)


Avoid drinking water with meals as it dilutes the digestive enzymes present in stomach. Drink water 10 minutes before or after food. (iStock)

Affects insulin levels: Some evidence suggests that water right after meals could spike your insulin levels, increasing fat storage. (Unsplash)