World Environment Day 2022: 5 ways to adopt a sustainable lifestyle

Looking for top ways to become environment friendly ahead of World Environment Day 2022? Search no more as we got

Updated on Jun 05, 2022 12:56 PM IST 6 Photos

Whether you've decided to lead a sustainable and eco-friendly life for the environment’s sake or simply want a change of things, every step you take counts. The adage “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step” applies perfectly. Every bit you do for the environment will help the world come a step closer to achieving sustainability. While there are several ways to go green if you’re just starting out, Dr Merin Liza Jacob, Co- Founder of Green and Beige, shared with Zarafshan Shiraz, some simple steps you can take for a holistic, sustainable lifestyle. (Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay )

1. Reconsider your daily use products - In our day-to-day life, we use multiple products. Even if we stick to a basic skincare routine, several products available in the market are laden with suspicious ingredients and often, the packaging isn’t recyclable. While skincare is an integral part of our daily life, ensuring you stick to products that anchor on the clean beauty philosophy and use ingredients that are safe for humans and the environment even on prolonged use. (Pavel Danilyuk)

2. Choose eco-friendly commute options - Rising fuel prices alongside the catastrophic environmental pollution that vehicle emissions give cause, opting for sustainable, eco-friendly commute, i.e., EVs, is the ideal solution. Although the Indian EV market is still at a nascent stage, EVs are quickly becoming a popular option among consumers looking to make a conscious choice to avoid vehicle pollution. However, since the EV market is just beginning to grow, there are infrastructure challenges. (Uriel Mont)


3. Try to cut down on plastic usage - As we mentioned before, the smallest things go a long way. For example, an estimated 414 million plastic waste items were found in the Indian Ocean by scientists. These items, especially single-use plastics, plastic cutlery, bottles that aren’t recycled, etc., end up either in the landfill or in the ocean, where they harm marine life. Taking small yet significant steps like bringing your own cloth-based or jute shopping bags, carrying stainless steel straws and cutlery, (File Photo)

4. Try home composting/home gardening - Create your own home garden for better surroundings, and instead of using the pesticide, try home composting for vegetable waste and food leftovers which can provide organic nutrients to the plants and vegetables like vegetable peels, tea, coffee and many more. (Photo by CDC on Unsplash)