7 things never to gift your woman
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7 things never to gift your woman

What’s the dumbest gift you have ever gifted your girl? If you're looking for a gift for your girl, here are some experts telling you what not to gift, to save you from landing into the line of fire.

sex and relationships Updated: Dec 09, 2011 01:27 IST
Shara Ashraf
Shara Ashraf
Hindustan Times

What’s the dumbest gift you have ever gifted your girl? It’s a woman’s perennial crib that her man never gifts her things she wants and keeps showering her with useless, unimaginative stuff that she just plunks down in her cupboard, where it lies gathering dust. Funnily enough, a study claims that it’s just not men who do a bad job with gifts.

A new Danish study says that male nursery web spiders use worthless gifts such as bits of flower, cotton or ant husks wrapped in silk for mating, and the female spiders are obviously not impressed.

dating"While a thoughtfully selected gift shows you love your partner and have gone that extra mile to maker her happy, a silly gift only reflects that you are careless and give two hoots to your partner’s emotions," says relationship expert Jai Madan.

So, guys, if you don’t want to suffer the wrath of your woman in your life, you would do well to pay some heed to the advice given below.

Pledge never to give any of these dumb gifts listed here to your girl. Also, check out our pick of some thoughtful stuff to gift instead.

1 Gift certificates: You may have spent a fortune buying her a gift coupon but it only shows your lack of creativity. Media person Sonali Guha who got a gift coupon from her boyfriend says, "I didn’t like that he didn’t make any effort hunting for a gift for me. I wish he had used some imagination." So, guys keep the certificate for your niece, and look for something more thoughtful.

2 Kinky Lingerie: Buying lingerie for your girl is always a risky affair. It could turn completely disastrous if you choose kinky stuff. Leather cupless bras or animal print thongs only tell her you eagerly want to bed her and not that you love her and care for her. Heavily padded bras could send the message that you don’t think highly of her assets, and you know you’re doomed. So, the best is to skip lingerie and think of something else.

3 Cosmetics that tell her she’s getting old or has cellulite: You may be trying to be caring but things like anti-wrinkle creams, anti-cellulite gels are recipes for trouble. Also, never buy her blackhead removal kits or body and facial hair remover. She would hate to think you’re noticing her flaws and no wonder she won’t love you for that.

Teddy bear4 Soft toys, cards and flowers: You may find cuddly teddies as cute as the dimples on her cheeks, but remember she’s done with kindergarten and doesn’t need these cute little gimcracks anymore. Stylist Dolly Gupta whose boyfriend gifted her a life-size teddy says, "I kept wondering why he spent so much money on something like that. I ended up gifting it to my nephew." Even flowers and cards do not qualify as gifts. Keep them only for special occasions.

5 Items on sale: It may be the most lucrative deal you ever found, but never gift her anything that’s on sale or from a factory outlet. No matter how lavish the gift is, it will only suggest you were being a miser.

6 Ill-fitting clothing: Unless you know her size like the back of your hand, don’t buy her clothes. One size bigger and it tells her you think she’s fat, two sizes smaller and it sleeps in her closet forever.7 Household appliances: Toaster, mixer-grinder and vacuum cleaners are things that you should buy your mom silly, not your girlfriend. Remember, if your girl ever needed them she would have bought them herself. Business woman Sunidhi Bhageria who got a vacuum cleaner as a gift from her boyfriend says, "It seemed as if he was looking for that perfect naari who can run his household."

bagsGifts that get thumbs-up from most girls

Confused about what to buy for your girlfriend? Here’s a list of gifts that can make your girl smile:

A girl can never have enough handbags. Go for a good brand and gift her a handbag that’s both fashionable and utilitarian.

A special picture — enlarge a nice picture of you both, frame it, gift-wrap and give her. It’ll be worth a million dollars.

A nice smelling lotion or a nice perfume too makes for a good gift.

A rejuvenating spa package will be appreciated in all likelihood.

Surprise her by ordering her lunch from her favourite restaurant.

A diamond remains a woman’s best buddy, but if you can’t afford one, buy her semi-precious jewellry. You must have an eye for classy designs.

Treat her with a lovely dinner made by you.

Celeb’s pick of dumbest gifts a girl can get
I maintain a strict policy of refusing every thing point blank that guys want to gift me. But if someone ever gifts me a deodorant or a mouth freshener that would really flare up my anger. Only God can save that guy then.
Rakhi Sawant, reality TV star

What can be dumber than gifting a badly written poem to a girl? One that talks about how you would like to make love to her. If you want to make things worse, gift her edible lingerie. A slap right across your cheeks is guaranteed.
Prahlad Kakkar, ad man

The dumbest gift I ever got was a set of plain glass bangles. I kept thinking what on earth made this guy gift me such stuff. Other silly gifts that I have got include stuffed teddies with hearts saying ‘I love you’.
Sakshi Pradhan, former Big Boss inmate

First Published: Dec 08, 2011 19:39 IST