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Days not forgotten: A '90s kid remembers her friendship day

A day celebrating friendship, the bond that used to mean one of a lifetime, is becoming redundant now. Here are some things that I will never forget about celebrating the day in school:

sex and relationships Updated: Aug 02, 2015 17:01 IST
Simar Bhasin
Simar Bhasin
Hindustan Times
Friendship Day,Happy Friendship Day,Friendship Bands

I remember a time when my mother (who loved knitting) would set aside threads of different shades to weave together about 15 'friendship bands' for me.

And I knew exactly to whom each of those bands would go to.

It was the time when even the local stationery shops would carry an abundance of these multicoloured bands for this particular occasion. It was the time when even 10rs per band would seem like spending a fortune.

All the joys of the day came to be encapsulated in that thread that seemed to signify so much more in those childhood days.

Today is that day. The day that is supposed to celebrate the idea of friendship, the idea that we have family beyond the ties of blood. It is these very bonds that promise to stick by us through thick and thin, through better or worse.

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In this day and age, however, the very idea of what the term 'friend' means has changed. With 'social networking' sites, the definition of a friend has widened to include people you have never even met in real life.

Today, 'a friend request' has become more commonplace than actually going out and meeting new people, 'social networking' as it were, has now become restricted to the virtual space. So much so that the 'virtual' us has perhaps in some way taken over the 'real' us.

There was a time when you actually used to remember your close friends birthdays as a matter of habit, today we just check their Facebook profiles, or worse yet we are reminded by the site on the day of their birthday.

Add to that, calling someone or god forbid meeting them to wish on their birthday has sadly become a thing of the past, now wishing someone on Facebook seems like too much effort.

In such a scenario, a day celebrating friendship, the bond that used to mean one of a lifetime, is becoming redundant.

Here are some things that I will never forget about celebrating the day in school:

The only Monday that didn't seem like a pain

During school days, the only thing more important than the actual D-Day was the Monday that came after. It was the day when school friends exchanged the much beloved, much sought after friendship bands signifying your bond with the recipient. It was the only Monday that me and my friends looked forward to in the entire school year.

Silly games

It was a time when 'Zero Kaanta' and 'Name Place Animal Thing' meant serious business. The games and the enormous amounts of paper we wasted playing things like 'tippy tippy top, which colour you want' will always be a special childhood memory.

Crushes galore

School is a time when hormones are all over the place, so crushes are all but natural. And what better way to express your feelings to your 'liked' one than on friendship day? The fact that its followed by Raksha Bandhan made it all the more interesting as the line between a band and a rakhi was blurred by uninterested girls.

Most number of 'bands' competition

Because come to think of it getting a band was no less than winning a popularity contest where the lucky one who got the most number of bands was deemed the winner. It was no mean feat mind you!

Listening to 'Yaaron Dosti' on loop

Remember something called a 'Walkman'? It was all the rage back in the day and our favourite 'Friendship Day' anthem was KK's evergreen 'Yaaron dosti badi hi haseen hai'. It was played on a loop on our Walkmans all day long.

Today, applications and websites are further making life 'easier' by offering virtual friendship bands and customised greetings so that you really just need to push a few buttons and voila! you just proved your friendship.

On this occasion of friendhip day let's stop with the excuses and actually make an effort to preserve the real friendships that have survived the tests of time or more appropriately the test of technology.

Lets make this friendship's day actually about friendship and not 'social networking'.


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