Priyanka Chopra quotes: 37 times this birthday girl won our hearts
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Priyanka Chopra quotes: 37 times this birthday girl won our hearts

And because 2016 is Priyanka Chopra’s year, and it’s International Women’s Day, here are 37 of her most memorable pearls of wisdom, in our books.

hollywood Updated: Jul 18, 2016 14:04 IST
Sanya Panwar
Sanya Panwar
Hindustan Times
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Because 2016 is Priyanka Chopra’s year, and it’s International Women’s Day, here are 37 of her most memorable pearls of wisdom, in our books. (Pinterest)

India’s pride and Hollywood’s current sweetheart, Priyanka Chopra, who celebrates her 34th birthday on Monday, is a forever quotable treasure. Her penchant for off-the-cuff honesty is second only to how down-to-earth and relatable she seems.

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Not only is she an incredible actress, a style icon and a great role model for young girls, she also happens to be absolutely popular right now. Whether she’s talking about the Oscars red carpet, making fun of herself while attending popular TV shows or talking about the reality of acting that so many other stars avoid, she is one of the most quotable celebrities ever. We can’t pick a favourite.

As Priyanka Chopra turns 34, we list 37 quotes of the actor where she proved honesty still exists, even in showbiz.

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So, without further ado, these are the some of the most awesome PeeCee quotes that pretty much sum up life.

Complete quote: I buy my own diamonds. When a guy comes into my life it will not be for diamonds. A guy will be in my life only when I am in love. I don’t need a guy for anything else except for children. (2016)

2 When I became Miss World, I couldn’t believe I had won it. I used to sleep with my crown because I was scared someone would steal it. (2007)

3 After the eyes, it’s the feet. I like men with clean feet. (2007)

4 I live with romance in my brain. I’m a true-blue Cancerian. (2014)

5 I feel exhausted. But I also feel a sense of accomplishment with everything that has ­happened so far. I’ve worked very hard for this. But I know there are many more miles to go and milestones to achieve before I sleep. (On her recent Oscar appearance that had the entire country and the Interent talking.) (2016)

6 My parents always told me I could be whatever I wanted to be. I just have to want it. Sometimes I wanted to be an engineer, a house maid, a pilot ... but actor was never on the list of ambitions. (2009)

7 My ambition when I was four-years-old was to be married. (2012)

Complete quote: If my man cheated, I would probably beat the shit out of him first. I am the kind of person who would get violent. Depending on how much I love him, I may forgive or may not forgive. (2016)

9 Seeing my dad so weak breaks me a little bit more. Dads are supposed to be superheroes. Need some prayers today. (When her father was taken ill. He died last year) (2012)

10 I like bad boys, and I like to take them home to my mom. (2011)

11 If two of your films don’t do well, people say you’re out in the cold and your career is over. One film does well, and you’ve had the best year of your life! I don’t believe in all that is written. (2012)

12 I’m inspired by creative people because they add the colour and the emotions to our lives. (2013)

13 Most outsiders look at the film world as something glamourous. But no one sees the hard work that goes into it. I haven’t taken a holiday in the last four years. (2007)

14 I hate red carpets, there’s so much pressure. It’s all last minute, I don’t plan any of it. (2009)

16 It doesn’t matter who the co-star is. I won’t do certain things on screen. (On her denial to do a kissing scene with her then boyfriend, Harman Baweja). (2008)

17 There is nothing in the world that can’t be solved over butter paneer and paranthas. (2012)

18 I don’t think there’s only one love. Every relationship has something new to offer. (2011)

19 I have no ­interest in live-in set-ups. I think marriage binds people together both, socially and ­emotionally. (2007)

20 My family is my greatest strength and my biggest weakness. (2013)

21 I never had any awkward situations with Shah Rukh Khan. (On being questioned if her alleged link up with SRK affected their equation). (2012)

Complete quote: I think it’s great to be flawed. I am hugely flawed, and I like it that way. That’s the fun of life. You fall, get up, make mistakes, learn from them, be human and be you.(2012)

23 I don’t like guys who are ­conventional. I’m an achiever; he has to be an achiever too. I admire drive and ambition. I like a guy who keeps me on my toes. (2011)

24 All I know is, I work damn hard. And God helps those who help themselves. I believe destiny and hard work go hand-in-hand. I was studying to be an ­engineer when my mom and my brother sent my ­pictures for the Miss India contest. I didn’t even know about it. If that isn’t destiny, what is? (2007)

25 I owe 90% of my life to people because I am a public figure, but 10 % is private. And I am not saying it in a defensive way. (2012)

26 Well, I guess if you don’t have one (National Award), then you know, what do I say, sour grapes?” (When asked about Kareena Kapoor Khan’s remark that she didn’t want a National Award). (2012)

27 I’m not a part of any camp, and any friendship or ­relationship is entirely on my account. The bad hurts me and me alone, and the good comes because of my amazing personality. (2012)

28 So far, I have never felt the need for any enhancement surgery. What I have is what I have been blessed with. (2012)

Complete quote: Infidelity in relationships should never be accepted. Once you commit your heart to someone, have the guts to confess to your partner instead of continuing to cheat on her. (2016)

30 I got into the movies by ­accident. When I got an offer, I thought ‘Let’s try this too’. Everything in my life has happened by trial and error. (2007)

31 Thankfully, it (reports about an affair) hasn’t changed my equation with him (SRK) so far. But there is a possibility of things changing between us. That would be sad. (2011)

32 As a musician, I know that it’ll take time for me to get to the ranks of an established artist. Nevertheless, I’m very happy that people are appreciating my music.(2012)

33 Main pyaar mein bilkul vishwaas karti hoon. Saal, mahine, din beet jaate hain par pyaar nahi badalta, log bhi badal jaate hai par pyaar nahi badalta. (2008)

34 Be true to who you are. Be courage, be selfless. Be love. Courage comes from knowing your truth and standing up for it (sic). (2012)

35 “Who said I was?” (When asked what kind of a girlfriend was she to not ­remember the name of Shahid Kapoor’s debut film). (2014)

37 “Does Kareena even have a computer in the first place?” (When Karan Johar asked her what she would like to steal from co-actor Kareena Kapoor Khan’s computer) (2010).

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First Published: Mar 08, 2016 10:24 IST