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Know no fear

HT reader Madhvi Hadker on her rakhi brother.

sex and relationships Updated: Jan 28, 2009 16:32 IST
Hindustan Times

He is my rakhi brother. Rohan used to be a bright child once. But then he contracted a viral infection. He developed high fever and convulsions. He was hospitalised for two months. He couldn’t walk or talk normally after that. He had even lost his memory. Although he was an optimistic child, he appeared slightly tense at times.

Take it easy
He matured before other kids of his age. He put on weight and had become conscious of it. This made his movements slow and awkward. The doctors asked his parents not to pressurise him to study or attend school. Doing things at his own pace would speed up his recovery, they advised. They even prepared them for the worst — there was a chance that Rohan would remain a vegetable forever.

Troublesome duo
Rohan had a wonderful family and friends. His classmates were very suportive , except for Raju and Sanju. They were cousins, and enjoyed playing practical jokes on him. They laughed every time he got into trouble. Sandra Fernandes was Rohan’s new class teacher. She was very strict. But some students liked her because she was attractive and smoked. They thought she was cool. Rohan hated her because she believed everything Raju and Sanju told her about him.

Rohan couldn’t express himself well. So he suffered in silence. He didn’t enjoy going to school any more because Raju and Sanju’s pranks got him into endless trouble with Ms Fernandes. One day, she even slapped him. That day, Rohan decided he had had enough of the two troublemakers. He had to get even with them. Raju and Sanju travelled with him in the school bus.

Unexpected move
That evening, without warning, Rohan flung himself on them. He scratched their faces and pinched them till they cried out in pain. They couldn’t free themselves from his vice-like grip. From that day, if they ever tried to trouble him, Rohan would hurl himself on them. Suddenly he didn’t care. He was nicknamed ‘fearless Rohan’. This has inspired a newfound confidence in him.

First Published: Jan 28, 2009 16:31 IST