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On an Icarian flight

A highly competitive environment is forcing Indian teens to move out of their home early, finds Tanvi Bhatikar.
Hindustan Times | By Tanvi Bhatikar, Mumbai
UPDATED ON AUG 22, 2013 12:55 PM IST

It's usually observed that as a child, you want to grow up quickly, to enjoy the freedom and other perks that go with being an adult.

But once you step into adulthood, you regret that your childhood has gone by in a rush. Earlier, children moved out of their homes when they were in their 20s, either for marriage or a well-paid job in another city or country.

Now youngsters move out even when they're in their teens. Blame it on the highly competitive world that forces them to explore possibilities their parents wouldn't have.

There's no dearth of opportunities today and youngsters are willing to take the plunge. This could also involve moving to another city to pursue their choice of subjects.

Shouldering responsibilities
The easy mode of communication and travel has made life easier than it was a decade ago. Mobile phones and the Internet have brought the world closer.. air travel has become affordable now.

Rohan, a 20-year-old, came to Mumbai when he was 18.. he's living alone for the past two years. He says, "Initially, it was difficult but I feel very settled now".

"My parents are in Kuwait, I chat with them or meet them online frequently. They don't seem that far off." Youngsters have their priorities set and are ready to shoulder responsibilities at an early age.

15-year-old Tanisha recently moved to Pune to join to enroll in a college of her choice. She has settled in quite well and is actually enjoying herself there. She states, "I miss my parents sometimes but I have great friends here.. it's fun to spend time with them."

Understanding.. encouraging
One has to give credit to the present-day parents who are understanding and encourage their children to make their own choices. Tanisha's father agrees, "With globalisation, the world is their stage.. technology allows them to expand their horizons.

"It's true that parents have begun to accept their daughters moving out and living independently. Initially, a girl moved out of her home only after marriage. But today the difference between men and women has diminished."

It's not enough staying away in a hostel and managing your daily chores on your own. It is necessary to become self-sufficient too. Many prefer to work part-time along with their studies.

For some, the earnings help to take care of at least a part of their monthly expenses. Shrishti works with one of the leading magazines in Mumbai.. she's also pursuing her MA through a correspondence course.

She quips, "Living alone can be a hassle sometimes. But it teaches you how to be financially independent at a young age."

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