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Romancing the stars

Do you make your beloved act like Bips or Hrithik? Then you might be a victim of 'filmaria'. Sanya Gupta tells more.
Hindustan Times | By Sanya Gupta
UPDATED ON AUG 22, 2013 12:54 PM IST

Remember Rimi Sen drooling over Mahendra Singh Dhoni, making hubby Kunal Kapoor jealous in Hattrick? Having a 'crush' on a celebrity is no rarity. Those who are smitten by celebs often want to see the same qualities in their better halves/partners/dates.

Result: A struggle to live upto the sky-high expectations of their partners.

Worshipping Greek Gods
Getting well-sculpted biceps like a Hrithik Roshan or John Abraham's swagger is not an easy task.

Twenty year-old Mehul Katyal had a big task at hand when he had to impress his lady love who had a ‘crush' on actor Shahid Kapur.

"My girlfriend told me that she had a huge crush on Shahid Kapur. I watched all his films. I gave her posters and other accessories related to the actor. I even bought myself a T-shirt he wore in 36, China Town from E-bay on bid".

"One day she asked me to join Shiamak Dawar classes, I did that as well. I even joined the gym to get that perfect six-pack and the biceps".

"On our college trip to Bombay, I tried my level best to make her meet the star. I really love her but sometimes her obsession makes me go crazy. She wants me to do everything that Shahid Kapur does in the movies for his girlfriends."

However, men also dote on the glamorous celebs and then the challenge for their girlfriends is to match their glam quotient with the starlets. Prabha Naidu, a student, shares her experience.

"My boyfriend loves Bipasha Basu. After we saw

Dhoom 2

, he asked me to dress like her and become a cop. He has her posters all over his room and whenever I go to his place, he keeps pointing at her abs and tells me to have a pack like hers. I am seriously considering a break up."

Give it a break

The burning desire to see the qualities of a star in one's partner can be very strong. In that case, if the partner does not live up to the expectations, a break-up may just follow.

Anand Sareen who studied abroad all his life left his girlfriend because she wasn't making honest attempts to look like his on-screen idol, Cindy Crawford.

"My girlfriend entertained me for a while, but then as my fondness and obsession for Cindy Crawford grew I started getting detached from my girl friend and eventually dumped her."

However, there are some who manage to maintain a difference between their celeb idol and their love interest.

Says Celina Mathew, a graduate from Leeds Metropolitan University, London, who now lives in Delhi, "I have the hots for Johnny Depp".

"But my boyfriend is nowhere close to him and I don't even expect him to be. I fantasise about Depp, but I love my boyfriend the way he is."

Crush v/s Love
So how can a loving partner handle the pressure of matching their on screen rivals?

Psychiatrist Megha Hazuria Gore of Max Health Care, says, "They are insecure about losing the person they love. One of the reasons why a boyfriend entertains his girlfriend's fantasies (or vice-versa) is only because he does not want to lose her. He is also dealing with a serious issue."

Gore adds that people who want their partners to change in the process miss out on a normal relationship.

"They know they cannot have those celebrities in real life. These people generally suffer from issues like low self-esteem and low self confidence."

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