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To have loved and lost

Do we never want to experience love for the emptiness that engulfs us when that love is over? Wonders Vikram Bhatt.

sex and relationships Updated: Dec 20, 2008 21:29 IST

I want to share with all my readers something that I have written..

A terrible ache,
Twisting, gnawing, agonising,
Not nothingness..
Where once was
There is no more
that once filled the space
Empties itself and then
Not nothingness..

A difference in voids,
to have and to lose
to not have at all.
Both a cold dark abyss of the heart..
Yet one is black,
the other stark.

To choose one for a life here?
Simple then,
Should I die and live?
Should I live and die?
Not to worry, O people who remotely care for me. This is not a biographical piece. It’s something I have felt many moons ago.

Okay, now I’m talking like the people from the Phantom comics.

Breathe. Right, so, what is better is the question here? Do we never want to experience love for the emptiness that engulfs us when that love is over? Or do we want to keep away and remain in that void? But if we do this, at least there is no pain.

This piece is for all my friends who have loved and lost and felt the misery and the heartache.. and who are wishing that they had never visited love. I want them to read this poem and know that love always involves pain.

Like a medal
You have to choose between the pain of loneliness and the pain of a lost love. There is no escape from the pain. The pain will follow you and you will not be able to get away from it. Such is life.

Then there are those who have a huge commitment problem only because they don’t know if it will last. The chances are it won’t. But so what? Nothing has a guarantee. There’s only one thing in our lives that is definite and that is — death.
Death is the only thing we cannot get away from. So, cherish the pain of having lost.. and wear it like a medal. It’s like you have been there done that.. and have got the T-shirt! At least you have lived!

First Published: Dec 20, 2008 21:03 IST