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Watch | This penguin love triangle ends in a bloody brawl

A video clip of a bloody fight between two male penguins over a female by National Geographic goes viral on Twitter.

tabloid Updated: Nov 07, 2016 14:57 IST
Sahiba Chawdhary
Sahiba Chawdhary
Hindustan Times
Penguins,Lovers,Love Triangle
(Screenshot of the viral National Geographic clip)

If you were waiting for this year’s blockbuster love triangle, here it is: except, the main protagonists are all penguins.

A 2:57 minute clip tweeted by National Geographic Wild shows a bloody fight between two male penguins over a female penguin.

It all started when the ‘husband’ penguin comes home to find that his ‘wife’ is cheating on him with another penguin and proceeds to beat up the ‘home-wrecker’.

The video, which has already been retweeted 241k times, was shot as part of ‘Animal Fight Night’ series. The narrator begins by explaining the flocking and breeding habits of penguins, saying, “life here is good.”

But things quickly take a bloody turn. “This husband has come home to find his wife with another penguin. He flips out. His strategy is simple: batter the home-wrecker.”

The brawl is bloody as the two deliver non-stop blows with flippers, which are described as ‘baseball bats.’

The love rivals call for a truce and let the female pick her mate. And she picks the ‘home-wrecker.’

Heartbroken and humiliated, the husband tries another attempt to take revenge, this time attacking with his beak and trying to gouge out the other guy’s eyes.

But wounded and rejected, he makes one last call for his love to reconsider, but as the narrator explains, “she’s got no time for losers”.

Ultimately, the injured and lost penguin licks his wounds. According to the narrator, “In a colony of nearly a quarter of a million, there are plenty more fish in the sea.” 

According to National Geographic, “an average of 72% of penguins return to mate with the same bird as the previous year.This usually stems from ‘nest site fidelity’, in which males return to the same nest site, and hope females will return as well.”

Twitterati could not help but sympathise with the heartbreak of the penguin who lost it all.

And then there this hilarious tweet.

First Published: Nov 07, 2016 12:18 IST