This is what Broccoli does as part of one of the tricks. (Reddit/Protspecd)
This is what Broccoli does as part of one of the tricks. (Reddit/Protspecd)

Broccoli the cat shows off cool tricks taught by hooman. Watch

“Can Broccoli come over and help train my dog?” a Reddit user asked after watching the video.
PUBLISHED ON MAY 27, 2021 05:34 PM IST

Anyone who thinks cats can’t or won’t perform tricks needs to meet Broccoli the cat. Now, we get that actually meeting this cat may not be possible but here’s a neat video of Broccoli that you must watch. The video, posted on Reddit, shows the kitty performing some amazing tricks his hooman must have taught him. What’s more, he’s seems to have put his own spin on one of the tricks making it even better.

The clip is 44 seconds long and shows Broccoli in action. The first trick - and the one that Broccoli improvised thanks to his acting skills - shows him “playing dead” when his hooman points a toy gun at him. He then goes on to show how he can do high five, shake hands, turn, lay down and more. He even gets treats for a job well done.

Watching Broccoli showcase these tricks will definitely brighten your day. Take a look:

Within 22 hours of being shared, the video has collected over 50,000 upvotes and lots of comments.

“This was so cute. I love that he needs to line himself up with the barrel of the gun before he falls,” posted an individual. “’ACatemy” Award winning performance,” joked another.

Additionally, Broccoli’s hooman shared this story about the kitty:

“Can Broccoli come over and help train my dog?” asked a Reddit user. To this, the reply came, “He can but he has a hefty fee of treats and head pats”.

“ My cats can’t even acknowledge my existence and other cats are doing this,” shared another.

What do you think of Broccoli and his cool tricks?

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