The alligator being measured. (Facebook/Torrie Heathcoat)
The alligator being measured. (Facebook/Torrie Heathcoat)

Florida couple returns home, finds 7 foot alligator in garage. Watch

“I will never forget that moment of fear,” Fort Myers resident Torrie Heathcoat wrote on Facebook.
By Amrita Kohli
PUBLISHED ON MAR 04, 2021 10:08 AM IST

Returning home after some days away usually makes one feel happy. However, coming back to your house and finding a huge predator lurking in your garage - now that can make that happy feeling go away rather quickly.

In a shocking incident, a Florida couple found a seven-foot-long alligator in their garage. Torrie Heathcoat, a resident of Fort Myers, shared the entire incident in a series of Facebook posts comprising photos and videos - and they can make one shudder.

“A welcome back to Florida! We currently have a 7 foot gator in our garage on the other side of the door into the house! I may have just had a mild heart attack!” Heathcoat wrote on Facebook.

In another post she detailed how her husband spotted the reptile first and when he told her about it, she didn’t quite believe him.

“I thought he was kidding and I opened the door only to be face to face with our guest! I will never forget that moment of fear!” she adds. Heathcoat called 911 to report the scary and unwanted guest in her home.

Eventually, a team from The Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission Fish and Wildlife arrived and removed the creature from the home and relocated it, reports

The posts, since being shared on March 1, have collected various reactions from people on Facebook.

“No. No. No. No. He would have my house. LOL,” wrote an individual. “Well, this beats the time my mom called the police about the 5’ snake on our patio... this is crazy! (Looks suspiciously at lake outside her window... not paranoid at all now...)” posted another.

“I can’t even! I’m having a panic attack for you. Glad that no one was hurt!” commented a third. “So glad you are safe! Watching this, all I can think about is the fact I paid admission to Gatorland to see what occurred in your yard,” shared a fourth.

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