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Japanese man who turned himself into a dog also wants to become panda, bear and more

ByVrinda Jain
May 26, 2024 04:54 PM IST

The man confessed that he wanted to attempt four animals, but two of them may not be impractical due to logistical constraints.

A Japanese man went viral last year after he turned himself into a dog. Toco's transformation into a human dog cost him two million yen. Zeppet, a Japanese business that manufactures costumes for TV commercials and films, spent 40 days creating the man's hyper-realistic dog outfit. The company specializes in producing miniatures, body suits, and 3-D models.

A Japanese man transformed himself into a ‘dog’ by spending 11 lakh.(YouTube/ I want to be an animal)

Now, talking more about his journey as a border collie, he told WanQol, "It really is a happy experience to be able to become something other than myself. I get excited and happy being someone other than myself. However, dogs and humans have different skeletal structures, and the way we bend our legs and arms is different, so it's very difficult to move in a way that looks like a dog's. I'm currently researching movements that look more dog-like. Also, cleaning it when it gets dirty is a bit of a pain. When I go outside, I get dirt on it, and dust gets stuck in my fur, so it takes a lot of work to clean it every time." (Also Read: Inside the life of the man who spent 11 lakh to transform himself into a ‘dog’)

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Toko also revealed to the Japanese news outlet that he wanted to live as a new animal. He confessed that he wanted to attempt four animals, but two of them may be impractical due to logistical constraints. The four animals that he said he wishes to become are another dog, a panda, a bear, a fox or a cat.

"I want to try to become other animals. I could realistically become another dog, a panda, or a bear. A fox or a cat would be good, but they're too small for a human to try... I hope to make my dream of becoming another animal come true someday," Toco told WanQol.

Currently, Toco documents his daily life as a border collie on his YouTube channel and has close to 65,000 subscribers.

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