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Juice seller finds clever way to promote his YouTube channel

ByTrisha Sengupta
Mar 20, 2023 07:27 PM IST

A Twitter user shared a post explaining how a Bengaluru juice seller promotes his YouTube channel.

Social media platforms like YouTube have opened up incredible opportunities for content creators to showcase their talents. And one juice seller in Bengaluru is taking advantage of that in a smart way. In a post, Twitter user Keshav Lohia explained how the juice seller added a QR code to his cart to promote his YouTube channel. Isn’t that smart?

The image is of the Bengaluru juice seller who found a clever way to promote his YouTube channel.(Twitter/@Keshav_Lohiaa)

“Yesterday, I had fresh juice from this vendor in Bellandur. What stood out was that he had a “YouTube” channel (with 2k subscribers!) along with common barcodes. And he was promoting it - visit my channel! This is peak creator economy and ofc,” he tweeted and shared an image.

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The picture shows the juice seller standing in front of his cart filled with fruits. On the cart one can see a QR code with “Kum Kum Mridha” written on it.

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Take a look at the post:

The post was shared two days ago. Since being posted, the tweet has accumulated close to 1.1 lakh views. Additionally, the post has gathered nearly 930 likes. people posted various comments while reacting to the tweet.

Here’s how Twitter users reacted:

“Proper hustle,” shared a Twitter user. Another person added, “The way he has visually displayed his product is smart visual merchandising, clean setup, looks hygienic and that's what people want when they have to consume juice from roadside stalls.” A third commented, “Always impressed by those who strongly desire to make the best out of whatever they are dealt with." "That’s so cool,” wrote a fourth.

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