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Little baby tastes ice-cream for the first time. Watch how much she loves it

Published on Jun 30, 2022 01:19 PM IST

This video shared on Instagram shows how a little baby takes her first bite of ice-cream and simply loves it.

The cute baby tastes ice-cream for the first time in her life. (Instagram/@shrimpsaladcircus)
BySohini Sengupta

Everyone has a favourite food or dessert. But what we often forget is that there had been an instance for us when we had tasted these things for the very first time. And that is exactly what we can see in this one video that has been shared on Instagram and has been winning hearts all over the social media platform. A little baby can be seen at the New Orleans Zoo. She can be seen sitting in her stroller and looking at the ice-cream cone that her mum holds in front of her. She then tastes it and from the looks of it, she is going to stick with this dessert for years to come!

The video has been shared on Instagram with a detailed caption. It reads, “Find a crew that looks at you like #CricketPonta looked at her very first ice cream! This was 4.5 years ago, which is giving me all the feels. This little chicken nugget has been a travelling champ since she was just six months old, and it only gets more fun every time! If you have kids, have you travelled much? How has it been?” It has been shared by Lindsay Ponta on her Instagram page which has over 65,000 followers.

Watch it below:

Ever since it was shared on Instagram on June 14, the video has received over 7,000 likes on it.

An Instagram user writes, “She is just an adorable little princess.” “Aww she liked it!” reads another comment. A third comment reads, “Be still my heart, this is precious.”

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