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Man risks his life to save mom, baby from tapped car moments before raging waters sweep it away

ByTrisha Sengupta
Feb 24, 2024 10:37 AM IST

The incident took place in Brazil where a mom and her baby got trapped in a car during a flash flood. A man risked his life to save theirs.

A man’s heroic act where he risks his life to save a mom and her baby trapped in a car in raging waters was captured on camera. A video, shared on Instagram, shows the scary scene where he manages to pull out the passengers from the car minutes before it gets swept away.

The image shows a man saving a mom and her baby during a flash flood in Brazil. (Instagram/@danuzioneto)
The image shows a man saving a mom and her baby during a flash flood in Brazil. (Instagram/@danuzioneto)

The clip is posted on the Instagram page Goodnews Movement. “This hero in Brazil risks his own life to save a mother and baby just moments before their car is dragged away by a flash flood “ reads the caption posted alongside. The man is identified as Marcos Vinicius.

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The video shows Vinicius hanging at the side of the car. One of the passengers of the car passes a child to him and he safely rescues the crying kid. Once he hands the baby to another person, he leans in towards the door to help the child’s mom. As soon as he pulls her to safety, the car flows away.

Take a look at the heart-stopping rescue video:

The video was shared a day ago. Since then, it has collected more than 7.8 lakh views. The share has also accumulated nearly 37,000 likes. People posted varied comments while reacting to this rescue video.

What did Instagram users say about this scary video?

“OMG! That was like the scenes in the movies where the car blows up right after the last person is rescued,” posted an Instagram user. “Make this man the most popular dude in the world ASAP. Crazy!” shared another.

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“He was so calm and patient,” commented a third. “Wow. So glad everyone is ok. So scary,” expressed a fourth. “Wow. Literally seconds,” wrote a fifth. Many people took to the comments section of the video to write “hero” to appreciate the man.

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