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Rare ‘pink’ dolphin spotted in US waters real or fake? Viral photos spark AI theories

Jun 21, 2024 06:23 PM IST

The extremely rare ‘pink’ dolphin spotted in North Carolina, United States, has sparked a discussion online about whether it is real or fake.

Several pictures of a rare pink dolphin spotted in the United States have been gaining significant traction on social media, leaving the internet in disbelief. Many even questioned if the pictures are ‘real’ or ‘AI-generated’. HT.com couldn’t independently verify if the viral pictures are real or fake.

United States: Seldom-seen 'pink-coloured' dolphin making a 'splash' in the water. (X/@1800factsmatter)
United States: Seldom-seen 'pink-coloured' dolphin making a 'splash' in the water. (X/@1800factsmatter)

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The pictures of the rare dolphin were shared on the X handle @1800factsmatter, which claimed that the “rare pink dolphin was spotted off the coast of North Carolina”.

In the comments section, the X handle claimed that the images are not AI-generated and that pink dolphins “show up every now and then”, adding that the “last one was a few years ago near Louisiana. Albino dolphins are just rare”.

The pictures show the dolphin ‘surfacing and diving’ off the coast of North Carolina in the United States.

Take a look at the stunning pictures of the rare ‘pink’ dolphin in US waters:

Another post claimed that the dolphin was washed off its natural habitat and was saved by a man.

“On the morning of June 19, a beautiful and rare pink dolphin was discovered stranded on the coast of NC Hatteras, after being swept away from its natural habitat. A kind-hearted man saw the stranded dolphins and quickly took action to help him return to the ocean,” reads the caption to another set of pictures showing the rare dolphin.

Take a look at the post below:

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X account Figen also shared the images of the ‘pink’ dolphin with the caption, “A rare pink dolphin.”

Social media users soon added context to the viral pictures, stating, “This is a bottlenose dolphin, which can be pink when they are albino but not this pink. This image is just photoshopped. It is important to clarify this is not an AI image because, not only it is not a true, but it can also create concerns about AI being too real.”

While reacting to the pictures, an individual expressed, “That’s either a very nicely done toy or a dolphin that manages to keep the same posture in all of the photos.”

Another simply wrote, “Fake!”

“This is actually confirmed to be fake and possibly even AI-generated since it has a plastic look to it when you examine it,” said a third.

Last year, a magnificent sight unfolded before a group of whale watchers in California as a rare white-coloured dolphin was spotted. The dolphin, named Casper, swam alongside the boat of whale watchers. Casper’s colour was believed to be a result of either albino or leucistic conditions. Both lead to a reduction in the pigmentation that typically defines its species’ colouration.

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