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Wonder what ‘brain freeze’ feels like for a cute Golden Retriever doggo? Watch

Published on Jul 18, 2022 09:49 AM IST

This particular video of a Golden Retriever dog on Instagram shows what a ‘brain freeze’ can feel like in a very hilarious way.

This is what ‘brain freeze’ looks like for this adorable Golden Retriever dog. (Instagram/@dexterthebalancingdog)
BySohini Sengupta

Have you had an ice-cream or something extremely cold, especially on a hot day, and experienced ‘brain freeze?’ This is also known as the ice-cream headache and happens when something very cold touches the roof of one’s mouth. But what if one puts a spin on these words and comes up with a whole new definition for the term ‘brain freeze?’ And what if this new definition also involves an adorable Golden Retriever dog? Well, the result would be an adorable dog video that would be going all kinds of viral all over Instagram ever since it would be shared.

And that is exactly what can be seen in this one video that has been shared on the social media platform and showcases some ice-cream and a Golden Retriever dog - a combo that simply can’t be ignored. The video has been shared on the Instagram page dedicated to Dexter the Balancing Dog. And this page has over 52,500 followers on it who look forward to this dog's day-to-day balancing acts. This particular video shows a human trying to scoop some ice-cream but something hilarious ensues.

Watch the dog video right here:

The video has been shared on Instagram on July 8, and since then, has gone all kinds of viral, receiving above 20.2 million views on it as of now.

“Wow, if this didn’t put a smile on your face,” commented an Instagram user. “I hate when I try to get frozen ice-cream and it flings onto my dog's head,” reads another funny response. “Man, I know this feeling,” posted a third.

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