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‘I’ll make a dashing dulha in a turquoise blue sherwani’

Prospective groom Rahul Mahajan from Rahul Dulhaniya Le Jayega talks about the trials of getting married.

tv Updated: Feb 17, 2010 19:11 IST
Rachana Dubey

Buzz is that your marriage date has been fixed?

Yeah, on March 5 I’ll be taking the ‘pheras’. My bride with ‘sindoor’ in her ‘maang’, will come home with me. My mother and sister are already making plans, in fact, the preparations have been stepped up.


Nope, I’m happy and excited. I’ll make a dashing ‘dulha’ in a turquoise blue sherwani. I’m not sure though if Sabina Khan, who’s designed my clothes for the show, will design my wedding ensemble.

Have you zeroed in on your bride?

How could I have, the show has just gone on air. You’ll have to wait a few more weeks to know who will be the ‘lucky’ girl.

You seem to have a soft corner for Dimpy Ganguly?

(Laughs) I have a soft corner for all of them. They’re special, each one so different and yet so attractive. You didn’t think so, you didn’t even like the show going by your review. I didn’t.

I’m sure you like it now. The girls had plenty of make-up on and wore really jazzy clothes in the initial episodes. But now they dress up like more simply. I see them every day without the warpaint and I have to say they are pretty women.

They also bicker among themselves, sing songs and even cook in an effort to woo and wed you. They fight because they are jealous of each other. By the end of this show, besides a husband, I’ll also be a psychiatrist. I spend hours trying to understand each girl, discover their true colours.

Which ones are you particularly close to?

None so far, though I’m friendly with all of them. (Chuckles) They are such a jealous lot. Even when they’re sitting down to a meal, they are plotting each other’s downfall. Sometimes, I end up going from one table to the next with my plate so I can give each girl equal time. (Sighs) It’s a task finding the right match!

Who’s the funniest?

Charmy, poor thing! No one takes her seriously. She’s my comic partner. Her expressions and selection of words are hilarious. But hey, I don’t want to be beaten up. So, I think I should be diplomatically correct and say that all my prospective brides have a great sense of humour.

They also have a talent for going over-the-top?

That’s understandable! There’s just one dulha and so many dulhaniyas. So they sing songs, dance and sometimes drag me from one corner of the palace to the other. That’s okay!

Some also tamper with footage. That was the handiwork of just one of them. I’m not taking names but her butt is turned to the camera so often that she remains in focus even when in company. (Laughs) I find that really funny!

A women’s organisation is talking about banning the show. That happened before the show went on air. They must have thought it was vulgar. But their protests were silenced once the show started. We’re talking of a serious marriage here.

Do you plan to produce shows after marriage to keep your kitchen running?

By the grace of God, I’m quite well-off. I don’t have to produce shows to keep my kitchen running. I made shows back in the 1990s and am working on a few concepts. If I return to TV it’s only to keep busy.

Say what!
Following were the IQ test answers given by three prospective brides on the show. Designer Vikram Phadnis played quizmaster.

Which country does Nagaland belong to?
Soniya Kaur: Sri Lanka

What’s Obama’s full name?
Tanu Bhatia: Obama Bin Laden

Who wrote the Mahabharat?
Dimpy Ganguly: Guru Valmiki

And some other dumb statements

Charmy Chauhan, one of the brides has a nasal voice. During the Bollywood night, she pulled Ram Kapoor’s leg in Hema Malini style because he was disguised as Gabbar Singh from Sholay.

Kapoor instead told her, “Agar main tum par baitha, to tum flat ho jaogi aur kabhi nahin uthogi.” Charmy is also called Meow by her co-contestants because when she says “Main aaoon” it sounds like a cat’s meow.

When Rahul Mahajan met contestant Mrinmai Kolwalkar, he told her that one can guage the personality of a person by looking into his or her eyes. So, Mrinmai asked what he saw in her eyes, to which he replied, contact lenses.

Saloni Daini and two other co-guest kids on the show called Dimpy Ganguly Dumpy didi, Priyadarshini Jhagdalu didi because she fought with co-contestant Nikunj Malik.

Priyadarshini asked Ashutosh Pathak, “Kya Rahul ko gussa aata hai? Ashutosh replied, “Ab tak nahin dekha par bhagwan tumhari iccha jaldi poori kare.”

How stupid is that!

Last week, Gautami Kapoor visited the brides to be and played a game with them. The girls were paired up and had to find sugar batashas in a heap of flour. They ended up almost tearing each other’s hair out.

In the first episode, the girls were divided into groups and each group tried to make an impression on their ‘dulha’ with songs like ‘Inteha ho gayee intezaar ki…’ In the same episode, one of the Bengali girls gifted Rahul a dupatta that she tied to her dupatta. What a knotty affair!

One of the girls was ousted from the show in the initial episodes because she was promoting ISKON. Child comedian Saloni Daini came with two other kiddie stars on the show and nicknamed the brides Nakchadee, Rondu and Meethi Chooree.

In a recent episode, Rahul Mahajan came dressed like up in Amitabh Bachchan suit from Yaarana, bulbs exploding, literally! Ram Kapoor turned up as Gabbar.

Here’s what Rahul Mahajan did on TV before deciding to marry on the small screen

Bigg Boss 2
This one was soon after his divorce and other controversial matters were splashed all over newspaper headlines. He danced, became the Krishna of the house and even paved way for Ashutosh Kaushik to win. His friendship with Monica Bedi and Payal Rohatgi was highly talked about.

Chhote Miyan
He was every chil2’s Rahul bhaiyya. He wasn’t a khadoos judge. For once, he was likeable.

Chhote Miyan 2
Once again, he was popular with the knee-high comedians.

Rahul Dulhaniya Le Jayega v/s Rakhi Ka Swayamvar

Here’s a comparative analysis of both the marriage shows to help you decide which one’s better or worse. It’s known that most shows don’t do as nicely in their second season as their first. Here, the second seems to be catching up on the ratings chart with the first.

The average ratings for Rahul Dulhaniya Le Jayega have been between 2 and 4 TRPs, similar to Rakhi Ka Swayamvar’s average
last year.

The contestants
Rahul Mahajan:
15 brides, one worse than the other.
Rakhi Sawant : 16 grooms, some of them were even above average.

Marriage prospects
Rakhi Sawant: Didn’t marry, broke the engagement.
Rahul Mahajan: Promises to marry on March 5.

Rakhi Sawant:
The men were pretty much under control.
Rahul Mahajan: The girls are already getting into each other’s hair and you can be sure there will be more catfights.

Rakhi Sawant: She was the only oomph factor.
Rahul Mahajan: No one is oomphy.

The guests
Rakhi Sawant: Ravi Kissen and others.
Rahul Mahajan: Sachin and Supriya Pilgaokar, Ashutosh Pathak, Sambhavna Seth, etc.