What’s wrong with Kapil Sharma?
What’s wrong with Kapil Sharma?

Kapil Sharma goes berserk, tweets abuses against critics, media and system

On Friday, Kapil Sharma has tweeted abuses in multiple tweets. The tweets were deleted later to be replaced by a claim that his account was hacked. That was also deleted.
Hindustan Times, New Delhi | By HT Correspondent
UPDATED ON APR 06, 2018 05:55 PM IST

It seems Kapil Sharma, once India’s most loved stand-up comedian, has lost grip on his work and life. On Friday, in a bizarre turn of events, he started abusing people who criticised him on Twitter. The tweets were laced with abuses and were deleted soon. He then posted that his account has been hacked and then deleted that tweet too.

If his account has not been hacked then it is a new low for the comedian whose late night tweets have led to controversy earlier as well.

On Friday, Kapil tweeted multiple times, and each tweet contains objectionable comments. The tweets were deleted soon after, but screenshots were taken by then. Strangely, the tweets began in defence of Salman Khan and his prison sentence in the blackbuck poaching case. “I have met many people who have told me with pride that they hunt lions. Salman helps people... he is a good man. I don’t know if he did it or not but the system is crooked. let me do good work.”

From there, it got worse as he used abuses all around. He asked media not to spread negative news, going on to say that if he was the prime minister he would hang everyone who spreads fake news.

In another, he is angry with a media outlet for quoting a source in their story about him. When a fan told him not to use such language as he is a celeb, he said he is also human.

Since his on-flight fight with fellow comedian Sunil Grover in March last year, Kapil Sharma has always been in news for all the wrong reasons. His reputation took such a hit that his programme The Kapil Sharma Show was cancelled.

He has now come back with a new show titled, Family Time With Kapil Sharma. The launch of the show has been accompanied by news of cancelled shoots. Sources have said that Kapil cancelled shoot with Rani Mukerji at the last minute.

With these tweets, Kapil Sharma will once again be struggling to save his reputation.

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