The real drama queen

Dolly Bindra, who was loud, abusive, bitchy and confrontational on the show, has been kicked out of Bigg Boss, but her attitude has hardly changed.

tv Updated: Nov 20, 2010 01:17 IST
Neha Sharma
Neha Sharma
Hindustan Times

She was known for being loud, abusive, bitchy and confrontational on the show, but after being ousted from the Bigg Boss house owing to her behaviour, actor Dolly Bindra says she was "victimised" and "harassed" during her stint on the show. "I was loud on the show because that is the way I am. I am loud even when I am singing; I am a Punjabi kudi," she explains.

"I abused because they created such circumstances for me. They all ganged up against me. Seema Parihar used to talk to me, so they (the other inmates) told her not to. They mentally tortured me. They wanted me to break, but I didn’t."

Dolly BindraIn fact, she is still disgruntled about Wednesday night’s incident, which ultimately led to her eviction. "Main kya karti? Sameer (Soni) was standing just two inches away from me. Kaunsa kanoon yeh permit karta hai? Shweta (Tiwari) tried to stop Khali when he tried to defend me. The whole thing was started by Shweta. They were not even stopping Sameer from doing what he was. Aise karte hain ek akeli aurat ke saath? Inka dimaag itna ganda hai ki Sameer ko rok nahi rahe the. Sameer Shweta ki baton mein aa kar bali ka bakra ban gaya. (But) I am glad he is out. My sympathies are with him, otherwise this woman (Shweta) would have brainwashed him more," she says.

Bindra, who became a talking point in households across the country thanks to her fiery temper, makes no bones about dissing the other inmates. And, Shweta tops her list. "Shweta could not face me when she saw me enter the house. Many years ago, she had falsely claimed that I owe her money. She was doing a show for me, and had, at the last minute, demanded Rs 75,000 and created a ruckus. Her (former) husband, Raja Chaudhary, is not a bad person; he just wants to meet his daughter."

Bindra doesn’t go easy on Sara Khan either. “Sara is a liar. She tries to act all young and innocent, but she is not that innocent,” she says. Talking about claims by some that obscene content is aired through the show, Bindra says, “I have seen more in the house than is being shown on the television. Veena (Malik) keeps giving massages to Ashmit (Patel).”

First Published: Nov 19, 2010 16:57 IST